Introducing Beodee, a Search Engine That Only Lists Legal Content…

Most music fans are lean-back and lazy, and don’t like difficult experiences (even if they’re free).  All of which raises the question: what if searching for legal content online was a lot easier, and more importantly, searching for illegal content a lot harder?   

Enter Beodee, a search engine that has just emerged in piracy-ravaged Spain.  This is a nation where free downloading and streaming isn’t just an expectation, it’s an entitlement.

Beodee, the brainchild of film producer Carles Pastor, offers comparison shopping on movie, TV, and documentary downloads while aiming to deliver the lowest, most reasonable pricing.  “You can’t say that the film industry is dying, while at the same time more movies are being made than ever before,” Pastor told El Confidencial.


“So we need to maximally conform to consumer needs.”


Right now, the beginnings are humble: Beodee currently features 6,700  films, TV shows and documentaries.  That number could greatly expand, and this may eventually include free content, for those rights owners that structure their models that way.  The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in collaboration with the CulturArts-IVAC (Valencian Institute of Film).


7 Responses

  1. Visitor

    “a Search Engine That Only Lists Legal Content”
    It doesn’t look at much yet…
    But imagine a modern search engine where you don’t have to type -crack, -torrent and -serial when you search for music, movies and software.

    • Visitor

      They’ll need more than luck.
      At the very least, they have to solve the language problem and find a one- or two syllable name.
      Google is old though, and the time is right for a new engine.

  2. b67

    This topic very much interests me since there has been so much controversy surrounding Google and their minimal effort to combat internet piracy. Although Google has introduced a variety of new ways to make the lives of internet pirates a little more difficult, they have not gone this far like Beodee. We will see the popularity of beodee over time but Google could take some notes from these guys.

  3. ja

    DMCA Copyright law is so broken and skewed against rightsholders that we are literally celebrating a new search engine that DOESN’T break the law. Where are the lawyers holding Google’s feet to the fire with this new innovation as a prime example of how following the law works? Is Google really that above the law to get away with theft on a scale only the majors could dream of for over a decade??

    • Visitor

      Where are the lawyers holding Google’s feet to the fire with this new innovation as a prime example of how following the law works?

      Probably at home sitting in their fluffy chairs watching movies that they downloaded from the Pirate Bay!