DanceOn, the YouTube Channel that Just Raised $4 Million…

New media investors are now setting their sights on… YouTube channels?

Indeed: this is part of a growing trend that includes companies like DreamWorks and Comcast.   The latest entrant is AMC Networks , which has teamed up with other investors to put $4 million into DanceOn, a dance focused YouTube channel.

DanceOn serves as a home base for a network of dance-related YouTube channels and also creates original web series, including Dance Showdown and The Edge.

According to Variety, other investors include the producer of “So You Think You Can Dance,” Madonna’s manager, and the CMO of Roku, among others.  The DanceOn Youtube channel also received funding from YouTube itself in 2011 and earlier this year.

Now, DanceOn now plans to use the funding to grow beyond the confines of YouTube. “To the extent we are generating premium content, we want to be on all devices,” said CEO Amanda Taylor said.

So, is a YouTube channel worth millions?

3 Responses

  1. Visitor

    “So, is a YouTube channel worth millions?”
    It may be the only platform worth investing in at all.
    It’s growing like crazy, it has almost solved the piracy problem, it’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free.

  2. ja

    Now by ‘almost solved the piracy problem’, do you mean offering royalties to only those it deems worthy and convenient at a rate far less than even paltry Spotify streams, while ignoring the vast majority of artists through the DMCA law that it helped write?
    that’s how I read your comment at least.

    • Visitor

      What I meant is that YouTube has solved most of the local pirate problems on their platform. You can easily monetize unauthorized material. Or just take it down.
      No, they don’t pay enough — but Paradox #1 is that you can make way more money from YouTube than you can from Spotify, simply because YouTube is so huge.
      And let us not confuse YouTube with Google Search.
      Paradox #2 is that Google Search abuses artists (and the DMCA) to no end, while YouTube may be the be the best thing that happened to music, music fans and musicians since iTunes.