Vnylst: An App for…Your Record Collection?


Vinyl, on iOS…?

This is exactly what Vnylst is aiming to do.

Vnylst is a new startup currently in the crowdfunding stage.  They are hoping to fund their iOS and web app, with the goal of enhancing and supporting the traditional record store experience. Vinyl sales are growing higher, 30% higher than last year to be precise, and buyers are trending younger. Now is the perfect time to supplement this analogue market with digital tools.

The app would allow users to catalogue their record collection using image recognition, giving the ability to appraise and rate titles. Vnylst also aims to foster an online community where users can buy and sell records from their collection, complete with a wish list function, which notifies a user when a desired title becomes available.

Vnylst would provide access to information about music archives that have never been digitized and would allow users to “learn about the recording arts from curators, thought leaders and renowned collectors”. It would also provide functionality that connects users to their local record store.

The people behind the app have decided to take on the crowdfunding aspect themselves, designing their own system on their website complete with a variety of perks.  Since officially kicking off last week they have raised %1 of the desired $650,000. Their self-run fundraising doesn’t appear to have an end date, which should allow the project to reach its goal eventually, but could also keep us waiting for a long time.

If you’re feeling skeptical, Vnylst’s supporters include Origami Vinyl and Daedelus.

And, if you’re feeling skeptical over vinyl’s resurgence, take a look at this…


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41 Responses

  1. Osandi

    Thank you for sharing our project.

    New updates to the products and overall user experience in the next couple of weeks. We’ve had a great beta go round and really appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from our community. It’s really how we want to build things: for people who love vinyl!

    We’d love to hear from more collectors how we can serve their needs — artists, record stores owners and archivists, chime in: Also keep an eye out on our blog ( for product announcements and shipping dates.


    Founder | CEO | Designer
    Vnylst, Inc.

  2. Dan

    I already have an ‘app’ for this. It’s called “my brain.”

    I’m sure kids will love this, though.

  3. Dave

    Friends of mine have been talking about coming up w/an app like this for a while now…I’ve always downplayed the idea because you can’t just take an image of an old LP and have an app tell you what it’s worth. SO many things factor into the value….of course, pressing, matrix numbers, original sleeves, complete condition of the thing (sticker residue, cut out marks, writing on label, spindle marks on the label, hairline sleeve scuffs, seam splits, etc.) Seems silly to automate something such as this. Look at any good record seller on eBay and they take great lengths to post photos and describe all aspects of the piece, each contributing to the desirability of the item. Good luck pulling this off! I’m not saying you won’t…I’m actually saying that if you do it well it could be a tremendous tool. But there’s a lot that plays into this… and records pre-1979 won’t have bar codes so it’s all image recognition at that point..

    • Osandi

      Absolutely. There are a lot of factors that weigh into what a record is worth and how to properly appraise and catalog it. IMHO it’s a problem worth solving as a major pain point for a person who may inherit a collection without a companion to aid their process. Keep in mind that not everyone is lucky to live close to a record store (especially these days) and through frustration may never find a passionate owner of records in their newly acquired collection.

      So everyone is aware, we have plans to reward our thought leaders who spend time creating stories around the record and for thoroughly documenting great detail. To us, these are our thought leaders and guardians to a history that if it doesn’t get passed down, is just as tragic as a hairline fracture to the record itself.

      Our goal is to bridge the virtues of vinyl by way of technology. Unifying both interaction design of an interface with the physical interaction of the record format; it’s a big challenge and hope to have the support of the world-wide record loving community.

      founder | ceo | designer

  4. Anonymous

    I wonder if these guys have seen Because that site already seems to do pretty much everything they are trying to do here, except for that weird image recognition thing. I’m assuming that feature can’t be that great, since it must be really hard to differentiate between different pressings/matrix #s.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Maybe the answer to this question is obvious, but how come only industry insiders and really serious music fans have even heard of discogs? It’s a huge site, but I routinely bump into ppl who have no recognition of it.

      • Anon

        Discogs began as a database and still operates largely that way. The experience is dated and a real time-killer when it comes to posting large collections.

        To mention there isn’t much of a discovery aspect to the product. Sure, it may be fitting for people who already now what they’re looking for, however, there is a generation of people interested in records that may find it unappealing.

        Also, I’ve yet to visit a record store that relies on Discogs for online commerce. The potential in terms of impacting record stores as a real time POS / ecommerce destination is still yet to be embraced by Discogs and could influence the adoption of records from a brick & mortar standpoint. The same can be said about bands that tour. If they had a place to point fans to purchase (when they run out of inventory on the road), a service like this could be a game changer.

        On that note, there isn’t a way to discover record stores or merchants within your location. Most apps behave this way. We’ll just have to see if they can deliver.

        At least they have made a really nice line of products that I find are perfect for new to veteran collectors. It might be what’s needed to adopt the brand and transparency model.

        The same can’t be said about streaming services and we know that as a fact.

        Hats off to their team for putting their idea out there and for getting something up people can see. Takes a lot of courage to do this sort of thing.

        • pkr

          There’s already a GPS based store locator made by I’ve had great luck using this in unfamiliar places.

          Also there are brick and mortar stores that do use discogs as a back end to their webstores — I was visiting my friend’s shop this past weekend, which is one of the largest USA-based sellers on discogs, and he showed me how they have their entire inventory listed for sale on discogs, but customers can buy directly from their website and only end up on a rooted page when they check out. He told me he has talked to other stores that have the same setup where you never even see a discogs based page. So the technology already exists, but your average crusty old record store owner is probably too technologically ignorant to know about it.

        • Stever

          I am both a buyer and seller on Discogs. In my experience, from using the site since 2006, I have seen the design improve on a consistent basis. It actually works really well for listing large collections. And on the discovery side, its a great resource. I have learned about countless labels by browsing the site. Different users will use it differently. There is a reason why they’re killing it. It’s that good.

    • nfl

      I’m glad someone mentioned this. is a fantastic tool. I wish someone would give me millions of dollars for coming up with an idea that already exists…

        • Anon

          Well, factor in the costs of making and shipping the products they have (actually, are nice), plus a site that doesn’t operate with ads… Sounds fair to me.

  5. Stever

    There is already a website for this, its called

    It has an Alexa rank of ~1000. It gets huge traffic from all over the world. It has the data, the user base, the marketplace. And the design, while google-esque, its light weight, clean and works really well. They are constantly getting user feedback and optimizing.

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