Sued, Allowed to Continue Operating…

And the latest web service to get taken to court is….!

TorrentFreak reports that Germany’s BVMI (The Federal Association of Music Industry) sued the German YouTube-MP3 site, which allows users to convert YouTube videos to downloadable MP3s by simply entering the URL.

BVMI didn’t like the fact that YouTube-MP3 stores audio files to avoid converting the same video more than once, saying this aspect breached copyright laws. BVMI’s Managing Director claims this “not only hoodwinks the rights owners but also misleads the users of these services”. Are users really concerned with how they get their free MP3s?

The site has agreed to change the caching aspect of the service, no longer holding and distributing copyrighted content.

In exchange they are allowed to continue ripping YouTube videos.

Google threatened the site with legal action last year, but didn’t act on those threats.


Image by Riggzy, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

9 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    one problem is that people mistake youtube for a streaming site, when it is in fact a downloading site.

  2. Bandit

    I don’t get it. There are apps out there that you plug into your browser that allow conversion of YouTube vids into practically any format you want. How is a site that performs this service liable and the companies that make the conversion apps not liable

    • hippydog

      I think they are liable, but this maybe one of those instances where they are leery of overly forcing the issue incase things are made worse..
      For example.. the ability to use VCR’s and record TV.. At one time the providers tried pretty hard to enforce the illegalities of it.. INSTEAD what happened is the “right to timeshift” got enshrined in law..

      So I’m thinking Google might be a little leery of repeating that ending..
      so they enforce what they can, but probably dont want to push it to far incase they trigger an upset, (opening a can of worms)

  3. Hazzard

    This is amazingly stupid, they don’t really seem to have lost anything other than converting some things now takes nearly a minute. Nothing was really lost for anyone here apart from Google losing stuff from court cases and MP3 having a minor setback.