One Week Later, and isoHunt Is Still Alive…

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Despite a massive shutdown and court ruling, the recently reincarnated isoHunt has been open and running for about a week now.

The clone was put together by fans who feel the site is a “great part of the torrent world”.  This isn’t just a bunch of geeks: it’s an ‘us against them’ mission, with the the support against ‘them’ described as ‘overwhelming’:

We didn’t think there would be so many comments about us all over the internet. It’s truly amazing! Now we feel we gotta do more!

The MPAA reached a settlement with the original file-sharing and torrent-tracking search engine, which involved a $110 million judgment and a shutdown.  But all of that disregarded the possibility that a nearly exact clone would appear within days.

Now, the question is whether legal action will be pursued against the copy.

Keep in mind that it took almost seven years of legal battles to get isoHunt offline.

Welcome to the internet.

Image by Drew Avery, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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      • anonymous

        You seem to have bit torrent and the deep web confused friend

        • Anonymous

          Not at all, my dear. 🙂

          Nobody protects Pirates & Pedophiles more than torrent fans: One of the most visited forums for criminals on the web,, even uses the notorious Rick Falkvinge as a guest writer. Frequently! And I tell ya he’s popular over there.

          Mr. Falkvinge — in the unlikely case you haven’t heard of him — founded the international Pirate Parties, but is best known as one of the world’s leading defenders of child pornography. Here’s why he thinks violence against children should be legalized:

          I’m sure he and his fans are delighted to see DMN’s Nina fighting on their side to stop internet censorship. Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

          • Anonymous

            Pirates and pedophiles are a minority of the world population. The rest of the world should not have to suffer because of a few bad people.

          • Anonymous

            “Pirates and pedophiles are a minority of the world population.”
            Unfortunately, they do a lot of harm to everything that’s good in life.

            That’s why all democracies in the world increase the war against organized internet crime right now.

          • Nina Ulloa

            When did writing a news article about something become equivalent to fighting for it

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know what’s the worst part about you and the other pro-pirates on this blog:

            Your constant pro-piracy spam or your incredibly lame attempts to justify it?

          • Visitor

            “When did writing a news article about something become equivalent to fighting for it”

            When it contains facts that Anonymous doesn’t like. You know, bad facts.

          • A Concerned Citizen

            Somebody needs a refresher in Middle School vocabulary(assuming they actually finished middle school).

            Definition of propaganda:
            information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

            Definition of journalism:
            the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.

            By definition, both of the posts to which you refer qualify as journalism. Nina’s post, or article, is not propaganda, as it conveys facts without espousing any particular point of view. The article does not state whether the events it describes are good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. That is the definition of unbiased journalism. Paul’s post, however, is propaganda, as it espouses a political viewpoint, namely the idea that search engines should be censoring the results they provide when a search is conducted. Just because you agree with him doesn’t make it any less propaganda, and just because you don’t like the fact that Nina’s post does not condemn the practice does not make it propaganda.

            If you want your argument to carry weight and have a chance of swaying readers’ viewpoints, you should put a little more effort towards making it cogent. If you are going to belittle someone else’s understanding of something, make sure your understanding is more complete than theirs, not less complete.

          • Me

            “….This article argues that our current laws on the topic are counterproductive, because they protect child molesters instead of bringing them to justice, they criminalize a generation of normally-behaving teenagers which diverts valuable police resources from the criminals we should be going after, and they lead to censorship and electronic book burning as well as unacceptable collateral damage to innocent families. Child abuse as such is not condoned by anybody, and this article argues that current laws are counterproductive in preventing and prosecuting it……”

            READ an article before trying to use it’s irrelevancy to prove a point. Strawman fallacy much??

          • Anonymous

            “READ an article before trying to use it’s irrelevancy to prove a point”

            Here’s the url again, ‘Me’:


            Now, it’s certainly common to see pirates defend violence against children over at — but it’s the first time I’ve seen it here.

            I guess it’s symptomatic to find the first example in the comment section of this story.

            Nice crowd you’re gathering, huh Nina?

          • someone

            Ofcourse there is pornography and bad things over there… but it is everywhere… so.. do you want to ban everything as well… The world is a jungle… we live in it… if you can’t fight it then don’t live in it… This is not a great argument on banning things… say the true thing that upset.. don’t beat around the bush

          • Anonymous

            “Ofcourse there is pornography and bad things over there… but it is everywhere”

            We were not talking about pornography — we were talking about child abuse!

            And that’s not everywhere.

            Because it’s banned.

            And it’s banned because any sane person on the planet knows it’s wrong. The only people I’ve ever seen defend it are the pirates over at and a single confused user in this thread.

            I appreciate that you don’t wish to be reminded about the intimate connection between pirates and pedophiles. But it’s there. And you support it when you support organized internet crime sites such as Pirate Bay, SilkRoad or IsoHunt.

          • less anonymous

            “We were not talking about pornography — we were talking about child abuse!”

            We are not talking about child abuse, we are talking about the possession of information.
            This is an update from the link you provided.

            “It’s not illegal to film a murder.
            It’s not illegal to possess a film of a murder.
            But it’s still illegal to murder people.
            And it’s illegal to initiate a murder for the purpose of filming it.
            If you have taken part in a murder and have film of it, the film may be usable as proof against you.
            I can’t see that Rick suggests anything different here – i.e., I see no suggestions that it should be OK to molest children for the purpose of filming it.”

            You are not participating in the same debate as everyone else.

          • someone

            When it comes to child abuse… there is no argument about it… but to connect Piracy to child abuse (I am a father of four and I know what it means) then it is unfair to generalize… in fact you can’t… it is a defined process… if you can’t pay it does not mean you can live and see and enjoy… it is basic human right… who can pay must pay… who can’t, then let him enjoy the virtual world…. It is virtual isn’t it?…and again.. let me remind you…did the programmer pay royalty to the man who invented the zero and the one?

  1. Chigozie

    please what is the url of the new site. I have missed isohunt alot

  2. mohammad

    “mother fuckers…they stop my place for movies :X” RT

  3. wallow-T

    “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” — John Gilmore, 1993

  4. Dirty ol Dog

    remember remember the fifth of November…..

    that cake reminds me of someone?

    not a bad movie…


    The new site is even better than the old. Now I don’t have to fight off all those popup ads featuring half naked glamour models who want to date me!

  6. jovs

    Welcome back. Fuk u mpaa, you movie fuks alteady make enough so go get fkd. Love you isohunt, we missed you!!!

    • Anonymous

      “Fuk u mpaa, you movie fuks alteady make enough so go get fkd.”

      It seems that DMN’s new style attracts new readers. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Great news but too bad they were only able to save around 75% of the torrents. Also, maybe in time, the clone will be as well organized as the original isohunt.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you like music, movies and such?

      Can’t imagine how sad and boring your life must be.

  8. sevak

    dear all
    guys when i try to search isohunt by google it says that it not found
    is it banned or what???

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