Grooveshark Executive Violently Murdered Over the Weekend…

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Grooveshark Director of International Sales Eddy Vasquez was fatally shot and killed over the weekend, the result of what appears to have been an argument gone horribly wrong.  According to police details and local reports from the Gainesville, Florida area (where Grooveshark is based), Vasquez was shot by a longtime acquaintance while visiting the nearby city of St. Petersburg.

The murder occurred somewhere around the Publix Super Market, located on 3rd Street South, St. Petersburg.

Vasquez’ relationship with the gunman, Andres Torres, was initially unclear.  St. Petersburg police initially declined to describe the relationship between the individuals, though the Tampa Bay Times is now reporting that Torres and Vasquez had been friends for years.  Subsequently, at least one photo emerged of the pair together, with Vasquez celebrating a graduation ceremony for Torres.

Vasquez travelled to his nearby hometown to attend a wedding, and apparently, a belated birthday celebration for Torres.

Torres was subsequently found at his nearby residence in possession of the firearm, and arrested by police.  He has been charged with second degree homicide and armed kidnapping, according to police reports.

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It’s also unclear what sorts of deals and partnerships Vasquez was working on, though the Grooveshark site indicates a focus on Latin American companies.  Regardless of his focus, the executive seemed well-integrated into company outings and culture.  Just recently, Vasquez posted a snapshot of a Grooveshark Halloween gathering on his Twitter account; a fellow executive noted that Vasquez was a regular presence at company outings and post-work drinking sessions.  “Grooveshark as a company mourns the tragic loss of one of its employees, Eddy D. Vasquez,” the company offered in a statement.  “Mr. Vasquez was visiting friends and family in the Tampa Bay area over the weekend when he fell victim to a senseless act of violence.”

 More as it develops.

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      • Jack DeYoung

        Wow. Eddy was an incredible person. Despite your comment above, I suspect you would have liked him. It was well nigh impossible not to.

        Paul–you really should delete that comment.

        • Anonymous

          “I suspect you would have liked him. It was well nigh impossible not to.”

          I could have managed.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          Jack, have you not read one page of the thousands of legal documents flying between our companies?

          • Jack DeYoung

            I haven’t worked at Grooveshark in over two years, so no, I haven’t. I certainly didn’t mean to step on any toes in that regard…

  1. Jack DeYoung

    The amount of cowardice in these comments is astounding. At least have the guts to post under your real names if you’re going to say something so callous and terrible. My social media profiles are all public if you’d like to DM me–I just don’t understand the rationale of disparaging someone you’ve obviously never met who meant so much to so many people.

    • Anonymous

      “I just don’t understand the rationale of disparaging someone you’ve obviously never met who meant so much to so many people”


      • GGG

        I hope people “lol” on the internet when someone you love dies.

        • Anonymous

          What do you expect, GGG?

          This is a music site, not a piracy site.

          • PiratesWinLOL

            Which makes common decency is too much to ask for?

            Anyway, GrooveShark is entirely legal and is certainly not going anywhere.

          • GGG

            I just found it interesting that you try to act all high and mighty all the time, yet you LOL a guy being murdered. I have no connection to this guy and his death doesn’t effect me one bit, but it’s still a shitty thing to do.

            I know I LOL at your dead career all the time, but I’ll be sure to do it when a family member of yours dies, too. It’ll be hilarious.

          • Anonymous

            C’mon GGG, Mr. DeYoung was only joking. You could at least pretend to laugh.

    • Jacques DeYoung

      Nobody was disparaging the deceased.

      Obviously you don’t believe in free speech. You’ve already tried to have comments you find objectionable or inappropriate censored and removed. That’s wrong and it’s terribly ironic considering you are defending a company that smugly and blatantly exploits the liberties afforded by the American system for huge profits to the significant detriment of artists, songwriters, technicians, labels, etc.

      This tragedy is an act of senseless violence. Don’t conflate the two and create a straw man. Reasonable people should give you a pass because you are personally and emotionally too close to be objective. I doubt you truly support censorship and we all know how you respond to takedown notices.

      • Anonymous

        Using the name of the murder as your username and then saying “piracy kills”, I would consider that something worse then disparaging, but definitely an adjective I think you could use. Usually the appropriate thing to do in these situations is say something like “that’s terrible” or “so sorry for your loss”, etc. The fact that it seems appropriate instead to bring up issues related to Grooveshark is pretty shameful, but not unexpected from the commenters of DMN. What exactly this terrible news has to do with artists, songwriters, technicians and labels is beyond me; but somehow you certainly felt it was necessary to bring up, kudos to you man.

        • the censorship police

          I don’t know who posted the comment originally. I didn’t agree with it but also don’t agree with your police state type desire to control information.

          I believe the accused is alleged to have committed murder. Your contempt for the American judicial system is fully on display. I suppose it’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Isn’t that right?

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t even mention censorship, but if that’s your issues I have a feeling if I started cursing and being belligerent in these comments my posts might be deleted. Posts and users get banned from comment sections/forums all the time when their content doesn’t meet the standard of the person moderating. While these are public comments this isn’t a public space, the owner of the site is well within his right to decide on what type of discourse he thinks is acceptable or not acceptable.

            In terms of judicial thing, kind of speechless. He will be given a trial like anyone else, nobody has shown any contempt for the judicial system. But maybe you’re just going to keep bringing up and making jabs at Grooveshark because it feels so good to do when discussing the killing of one of it’s executives?

    • Garth Soshahi, CEO- AAMPP

      Hey Jack, it’s been awhile since we’ve spoken, this is Soshahi from AAMPP, here in Hollywood FL. Wow! I feeling the pain, it’s as if it had happened to someone I know directly.

      So horribly senseless. My heart cries. My condolence goes out to his home town family and friends, And his GrooveShark family… Sincerely – Garth Soshahi

      • Anonymous

        “And his GrooveShark family”

        Please take your piracy spam somewhere else. TorrentFreak comes to mind.

        • GGG

          Please take your pro-murder fetish elsewhere. You probably have a lot more in common with 4chan than you think…

  2. Jughead

    I do not understand why people here think America will become less crass when someone dies. It is the opposite–people delight in other’s misery.

    All part of the decay.

  3. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    Our deepest sympathies go out to , Eddy and his family , as we are deeply sadden by his violent murder over the weekend in Florida. Grooveshark was one of our very first partner-label deals officially on paper in the industry:Rest in peace Eddy !

    • Garth Soshahi, CEO- AAMPP

      “Grooveshark was one of our very first partner-label deals officially on paper in the industry”
      Same here – for AAMPP

  4. Truth

    These disturbing comments serve to illustrate the true, inhuman character of those who stand against you Grooveshark. Keep it up. My deepest sympathies to Eddy and his family.

  5. Hilly Lee

    ” what to some is a groove,to others is a rut”>> a true vinyl statement…
    How we listen is more important than what was said.

  6. coreyerb

    Sad news.

    Constructive feedback: If you’re going to have “News” in your website’s title, probably best to follow some journalistic practices:

    “The murder occurred…” – alleged murder, or reword to shooting since there is evidence it was a shooting but murder is a legal term only determined after a trial or guilty plea
    “relationship with the gunman” – alleged gunman. He’s been charged but not convicted as being the gunman.

    Innocent until proven guilty needs to extend to news outlets unless you’re outright trying to poison the well.

    • coreyerb

      Also in the headline, killed, not murdered. It hasn’t been legally determined a murder yet, and won’t till trial. Less sensational but more accurate.

  7. Ms. Poon

    I am NOT an advocate for violence. However, I am also NOT surprised by this development, given the deceptive business practices of a company which targets passionate independent artists… But, then, perhaps this killing has less to do with Grooveshark than it does the individual?

    • Anonymous

      “I am NOT an advocate for violence”

      Of course not, none of us are.

      The problem is that a former Grooveshark employee has the nerve to come here, of all places, and expect his victims to not only accept his whining, but even to like another Grooveshark guy! I’ve never heard anything like it…

      Violence is always depressing, but it should come as no surprise that the world of organized crime is full of it.

      • GGG

        Pretty sure he was just asking people not to be complete and utter pieces of shit, which yes I know very well is a lot to ask of the internet. I still didn’t expect it on here, especially not coming from you. I’m sorry you can’t write a hit song anymore, but there are other ways to take your frustration out. I mean, I knew you were an asshole, just didn’t know it was to this extent.

    • You are the worst

      Mrs. Poon, Just stop. Your comments are always over passionately moronic.

  8. F

    I am deeply sadden for both Eddy’s family and Andre’s family who now have to suffer for years to come because of this unfortunate incident. Please people don’t joke around in the expense of others please. Unfortunately for me this is even more shocking and devastating, I was a classmate of Andres and I could tell you I would of never seen this coming. I ask that the comments on this blog be mindful of the fact that people close to both Eddy and Andres see this. Thank You

  9. You are the worst

    I imagine YouTube had a pretty similar path to Grooveshark in the beginning. So if, god forbid, something tragic happens to someone there, we can expect a meet up from you sad pathetic creeps to leave rude comments about them? Get off your high horses. You brains have completely snapped. Figure out what you are actually upset about, write what you want to say on a piece of paper, and then throw it away because no one cares.

  10. cb

    You all should be ashamed. A young man was killed by a the prime of his life. Respect him and his family. This is very personal.

  11. Joey

    Director of Sales is not an executive. This title is clearly worded to make people think that DMN knew something about Josh Greenberg’s death that nobody else did. Weak sauce. Click bait like a mother fucker.