The Founder of isoHunt Is Starting a Clothing Line to Promote Free Sharing…

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“Freedom to Share.

What does that mean to you?

For those of you who used isoHunt for years and was saddened by its shutdown, how much do you want to speak up about how much you believe in file sharing as a way of sharing culture itself, that one download doesn’t equal one lost sale, and how much you want the Internet to stay free? Free as in freedom, free as in speech and free from censorship?”

Gary Fung, founder of isoHunt.

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What is that to you?

Just stuff you put on or is there more to it? Fashionistas may call clothing both art and identity of who you are. But what about the rest of us? However much or little we care about fashion, it speaks either way about who we are and what kind of impression we want to leave with people we meet.

 So why do so few of us wear what we believe in? Do you believe in freedom of information? The freedom to not be spied upon? Do you want to tell your government to stop watching us?”


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“The problem we want to solve with the Viva 10.23 brand is bring both form and function to clothes design. Form in high quality garment and stylish designs, and function in displaying statements we believe in for the world to see. Stylish looking clothes alone isn’t good enough, and neither is the usual t-shirt displaying letters and statements. I want to help start a clothing line that does both.

And the majority of profits made will be donated to charities and organizations that champions the very statements embedded in these cool clothes designs. Orgs like EFF, As well as development funds for new musicians and filmmakers, because in order to have the Freedom to create, artists should be financially enabled.”

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isoHunt was shut down on October 23rd of this year, and founder Gary Fung leveled with a $110 million infringement fine.  The site was quickly cloned by a separate group and remains online.

The ‘pre-Kickstarter’ campaign for Fung’s clothing line is here.

25 Responses

    • visitor

      Ironically he doesn’t understand the PRIVACY and PIRACY are the same under Silicon Valley Logic.

      PRIVACY = CENSORSHIP if you want to withhold your private data from Big Data.

      Soon, if not already, Big Data will be a much bigger threat to the average citizen than Big Oil, Big Ag, etc.

      • Anonymous

        “Soon, if not already, Big Data will be a much bigger threat to the average citizen than Big Oil, Big Ag, etc.”

        I think that has been true for the past 2-3 years. What’s new is that people are beginning to notice.

        Next Big Thing: Occupy Tech/Data/Google.

  1. Nina Ulloa

    How long till Shepherd Fairey calls them out for ripping him off

  2. Anonymous

    Nice I could do with some free t-shirts

    ….that’s how this works right?

    • Yves Villeneuve

      Another excellent comment.

      Don’t mind me, I don’t want to discriminate therefore will give kudos to all excellent comments in this thread.

    • Anonymous

      “Nice I could do with some free t-shirts”

      Haha, exactly what I would’ve said. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Please post a copy of your credit card, driver’s license, etc. You may keep the plastic.

  3. john

    isn’t this really a kickstarter for his restitution to the RIAA?

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    I’d have to look at the details of the decision, but I think this $110 million settlement means that Fung is basically in massive debt for life, which is a really scary concept if you think about it. Sort of like, a financial life sentence that completely distorts all ‘normal’ incentives towards earning money, saving, etc. It would also play into almost all of his life decisions, and the decisions of others (like a potential spouse). Not judging the merits of the decision either way, but just pondering this weird situation…

    • Anonymous

      “Fung is basically in massive debt for life”

      Like many of his victims.

    • Faza (TCM)

      I don’t know about that, Paul. It is a settlement. I’m not really up to speed on Fung’s financials, but based on how these things usually work, you rarely settle for a life of debt (hung for a sheep as well as a lamb and all that – if your financial future is already borked, you may as well go down fighting). How much did isoHunt make for Fung over all those years, I wonder?

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Is it really personal debt? I would assume, they would only be able to claim the money from the company behind isohunt, which then go bankrupt. That would be the end of that story.

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Also, the salary that he has paid to himself working for the company will obviously also be protected. Unless the guy was not careful and had been setting up his business as a sole proprietorship, then there should be no reason for concern. I am sure though, that he had prepared for this situation and the damage will be very limited.

  5. uproar

    thanks will be backing this [isohunt the best site on my laptop]

  6. Evolution

    Clothing will be soon digitized too. Music, movies, clothing, food, everything will be provided for free to all people. Computers will do all the job. Until everything is digitized, I suggest all artists find a day job. I can’t see any money waiting for them (or anyone else) in the internet era. Unfortunately, music was the first thing ever digitized, so all artists have to accept that fact and find another job temporarily.

    • FarePlay

      Evolution. Yes, tech is aware of this. The consolidation of wealth on steroids is certainly theirs.

    • Evolution

      Because t-shirts are not yet downloadable. Some day, clothing will be downloadable too, and all people will enjoy free clothing. This is called “technological evolution”, my friend. Wait and see.