It’s Official: Deezer Is Coming to America In 2014…

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The plans, first reported by Digital Music News earlier this month, are now being officially divulged.  “2014 will be our year an American,” Deezer cofounder Daniel Marhely told AFP in broken Google Translate.

Exactly when in 2014 remains uncertain, though early information suggests a January bow (per DMN sources).

Also getting heated attention is the possibility of a Deezer partnership to soften the massive arrival costs.  Microsoft remains on the shortlist, based on a string of endless failures in the digital music arena.

The announcement curiously coincides with news of a monstrous funding tranche for Spotify, to the tune of $250 million.  That could allow the largest streaming service to weather losses for years, especially if some financial oversight is implemented and maintained.  All of which opens the Battle of the Wallet Bulge, with Deezer harboring a secret weapon in Russian billionaire investor Len Blavatnik (who also conveniently owns Warner Music Group and Parlophone).

Others might have difficult as winter arrives: Rdio, bankrolled by that other billionaire, Janus Friis, has just belt-tightened and shaved roughly 25-30 percent of its staff.

More as it develops.

5 Responses

  1. Adam

    That article also states that they’ll have $100m in revenue in 2013. Seems pretty low if they claim 5m paying subscribers?

    • Yves Villeneuve

      Likely what is happening is Internet Service Providers are paying something like $1.50 per premium subscription and bundling it for free for mostly deadbeat music streaming subscribers. The end result is “music devaluation”… ISPs win again.

      Won’t be a part of a race to the bottom.

      • Yves Villeneuve

        If $10 per month is the normal fee, you can pretty much figure out the active users rate. $1.50/$10.00 = 15%

        Need to consider average bundle stream rate and normal average stream rate for most accurate active users rate calculation.

  2. TuneHunter

    Streaming is ALL GOOD including sub free streaming.
    Monetization has to shift to the moment when music lover bumps in to something new – no tune info, no theft or addition to play list unless you separate with just 39 cents.
    It is very easy to accomplish – will bring cash to all discovery services, all streaming providers and musicians.

    The only condition for total success is participation You Tube – the biggest music pirate on earth!

    Current mode, supported by labels, is to make You Tube empire so big that all pirates will starve to death.
    At the end they plan to relax, uncork Champagne and divide advertising peanuts. Veevoo!

  3. chosenlovemusic

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