PingTune Music Messaging Raises $1.6M…

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Do you wish SnapChat could send music instead of selfies?

PingTune is an iPhone app that allows users to send parts of songs to each other (an Android version is on the way). The music is pulled from YouTube and SoundCloud. A song link can be pasted, or users can just search through the app. Unlike SnapChat, messages don’t self-destruct.

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PingTune recently raised £1m ($1.6m). Funding came from Rupert Hambro (former chairman of Hambros Bank, current chairman of J O Hambro Capital Management) and investor Dominic Perks.

The eventual goal of the app is to sell MP3s and other items.

11 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    ALMOST BRILLIANT ping with no tune or artist info with 39c option to buy or add (as a full OWNER) to your play list.
    Pinger receives 10c in actual or free music credit!

    Otherwise another music plundering outfit has ARRIVED!

    • Nina Ulloa

      I really don’t see how or why a company would charge people to have music shared with them, that’s like anti-marketing. & they could…but no one will buy into it.

      • TuneHunter

        In era of fair monetization 39 cents is a steal and 30s snippet of great tune would bring 15 to 25% conversion rate.
        Religion of SHARING and FREE has to go to hell or we will have no musicians.

        • TuneHunter

          …lets share 30 or 60 second snippets with 39c acquisition link and NO TUNE INFO.

          All sharing entities would be brilliant if they would share partial tunes with artist white-out and LIKE/BUY link.

          Spotify could become profitable with no advertising or subscriptions!

  2. jw

    And to think that I’ve spent all of this time pasting youtube urls into text messages & adding a short message & selecting all of my friends to text to alert them of a new song that I enjoy. I feel like such a chump!

    Now I can paste youtube urls into THIS APP & add a short message & select all of my friends to send them a Ping to alert them of a new song that I enjoy. Revolutionary.

    I feel like all of my problems have been solved. I’m going to get all of my friends to download this so we can FINALLY start sharing Youtube videos & Soundcloud songs with each other.

  3. TuneHunter

    You Carl Marx, “revolutionary”, mentality is still alive in Cuba and N. Korea – go and ask for political asylum – you will have privilege to share in ALL THE FRUITS produced by those societies.

    • jw

      You should go start your own blog. And explain where you’re getting your conversion rates from. lol.

      • TuneHunter

        I do run internet store and spend 20K on Adwords every month so conversions are in my blood.

        Discovery services of any kind including this new PING deal have to be surrounded by best reps of the labels, and converted to cash registers of the industry.
        There is no cost of walls, packaging, transportation or utilities so we can bribe them to such a level that RELIGION OF FREE would become the past. There will be no info for you to rip the tune from public environment and then multiply it 10 times also free of charge with EK/EchoNest similar tune machine – machine will be also bribed and will accept 39 cents for snippet you like.

        Unless discovery provider is insigne or hates both CASH & MUSIC he would love the deal.
        At that point Spoofy, Deezer and similar animals should become an internet Radio paddling tunes.

        You Tube at that point would be the best label, private copy right recorder, Central Bank of Music feeding all broadcasters including elevator music supplier and most important central payor of cash to creators and distribution participants in proper proportion to involvement.
        I can assure you that tunes on Tube would start to have limitations on number of ad supported streams on all new content – torrent killing function of You Tube would be eliminated!

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    All I’m going to say is, I’ve met with some interesting entrepreneurs in this space. Watch the ‘message’ start to evolve…

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