Merry Christmas! Beatport Is Now Firing Its Most Loyal Employees…

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This probably could have waited a month, but then again, Wall Street isn’t the best about giving a f#*k.  According to information now confirmed, Beatport is shuttering its San Francisco office and firing a large percentage of its employee base, including some of its most loyal, longtime employees.  The move closely follows a $50 million acquisition by SFX Entertainment (shortly after that acquisition, SFX Entertainment went public on the Nasdaq Exchange as SFXE.)

Early sources poked Digital Music News with reports of layoffs in the coding bullpens of both San Francisco and Denver, where the company is based.  Sounded like some expected cost-shaving by SFX, which is undoubtedly looking to reduce operation costs across its freshly-constructed EDM empire.  But that was before reports of freaked-out employees and chaos-controlling HR squads started emerging.   “It was crazy,” one insider told Techcrunch.

“It was a fucking bloodbath for sure. Some of the people laid off were working there for almost ten years.”

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In terms of hard numbers, multiple reports confirm layoffs of more than 20 in the Denver headquarters, and a complete shutdown of the San Francisco office.  Beatport has now confirmed the layoffs, and offered this statement:  “With the additional resources provided by SFX, we are making significant new investments in Beatport and focusing on providing the best possible experience for our users – the DJ, the producer, the labels and the entire Electronic Music Culture community,” the company stated.

“To allow us to adapt and improve our service, it was necessary to make some organizational changes. We have closed our San Francisco office, reorganized our engineering team, and cut some positions in Denver. Beatport has always been about innovation and connection and these moves allow us to focus on that.”


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  1. soniquarium muzika

    I am an artist/producer and Label owner in the EDM world. I toured with Beatport events world wide, great group of guys, frm Wyatt on. However, I also have experience in the world of “Private Equity”. And when a Company, (money injector) comes into buy any company, they will axe the excess. This is what happens when companies are acquire by a public traded company. This is the nature of the beast. Nothing personal on any level I’m sure. Beatport will grow and continue to be the King of “EDM” stores. Itunes will continue to grow and be the Top Dog of Music Downloads in General.

  2. Chris

    Beatport cannot get away from the fact that it may claim to be the biggest Dance Music digital store but in fact it is way way way behind iTunes in numbers of downloads for Dance Music releases.

    • soniquarium muzika

      Itunes list “BUBBLE GUM POP MUSIC” as EDM. So, of course, the % of downloads will be Larger due to the “Definition” Itunes for EDM.

      I like Itunes. I do make more money from Itunes. However, BEATPORT by far has a better EDM catalog and far better presence in the EDM world of Events than Apple’s Itunes. If Itunes decided to put effor into the EDM world, they would Reign. But, it’s not gona happen.

      • Chris

        Apologies I should have clarified more – every single Dance music act I’ve ever worked on (and there are many) has ALWAYS earned more money on iTunes, Juno, Bleep and a host of other download stores other than Beatport. They (Beatport) are not in the top five for revenue for most Dance music artists despite having this almost magical allure to the Dance Music Community.

  3. Lady Miss kier

    what would you expect from a company that knowingly sells bootlegs ……at the expense of the artist even after it’s brought to their attention ? morals ?

    • soniquarium muzika

      If you truly are the former lead singer, co-writer, co-producer and butt shaker for Deee-lite, say hi to Dimtry for me as I enjoyed working with him. However, I doubt you are the real Miss Kier. Anyways, “Bootlegs” are part of the industry. I don’t like them but at the end of the day, it’s slippage, the cost of doing business. You can have the “Bootleg” taken down by contacting any “Digital download Store” from Juno to Itunes. It takes a letter and the track is off. Of course, the real Miss Kier would have already known this.

  4. True.

    Damn right to what Chris said. So many people kiss the ass of Beatport for what? NOTHING. They make more money off iTunes and yet think Beatport is the end all be all. pathetic.

  5. Dub Gabriel

    SFX Entertainment really sucks! They are the worst thing that has ever happened to electronic music in America. 1% industry schmucks that has been ripping apart underground economies, putting smaller regional promoters out of business and all age parking lot raves for children. Now they think they can run the leading dance store and plug in their artist and create their 360 style monopoly as well as playing the wall street game? They had a crash at take off on wall street and now they will run beatport to the ground, bravo!

  6. Sven T

    F**k Beatport, they’re evil.

    I’ve just started using as they’re cheaper than Juno on their lossless stuff.