Rdio Adds Automatic Playlists of Songs Discovered in Shazam…

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Rdio and Shazam have integrated on iOS; Android will soon follow.

Shazam users can now connect their accounts to Rdio, and easily play songs they have discovered in app.  Rdio will automatically create a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist of discovered songs and update it automatically.  In addition, Shazam says they will roll out a large scale iPhone update in a couple weeks.

All of which increases the chances to reliving the moment, and just maybe, developing a stronger connection to the song.  “This update makes it easy for Rdio users to relive an amazing night out, song for song,” Rdio waxed.

As of now, Shazam users can play songs in Spotify at the click of a button, but there is no automatic playlist updating.

7 Responses

    • TuneHunter

      You got it right!
      The game is drifting beyond insanity.

      In the meantime Mr. Francis Keeling is probably so relaxed and satisfied with this break thru development.

      Well the only goal for labels, Universal in particular, is total pleasure of freeloaders.

      Spoofy job is not enough! YouTube/Veevoo monster Walkman is no good either!

      We just need new better services to improve level of pleasure. AT WHO’S EXPENSE!

      • TuneHunter

        ….reason for this great development?!
        Shazam is in the harry to grab the territory – quietly Google few weeks ago opened to freeloaders own “Shazam”

        • Paul Resnikoff

          Hey TuneHunter, what if I told you this app has a poison pill embedded into it, devised with the ‘grab ’em by the balls’ mentality of Mr. Sean Parker himself. That’s right, after your playlist of recognized songs get too large… kaboom! Shazam implodes… the user has to pay more to access those precious memories.

          A lot more.

          • TuneHunter

            Paul, I wish those great technology start-ups would think on lines of poison pills or any pills that deliver cash.

            As it goes, they behave like boys in the sandbox, asking investors once a while for more ice-cream cash!

            Talking balls: since discovery delivery and label/RIAA boys do not have them we can only hope for entity like Google to make few bold moves and take over 100B industry.