45 Artists That Still Sell a Ton of CDs…

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These artists had the top selling CDs on Amazon in 2013. They continue to sell physical product in an era dominated by the Spotifys and Rdios of the world.

1. Daft Punk

2. Justin Timberlake

3. Michael Bublé

4. Josh Groban

5. David Bowie

6. Andrea Bocelli

7. Emmylou Harris

8. Blake Shelton

9. Jimi Hendrix

10. Vampire Weekend

11. John Fogerty

12. Black Sabbath

13. Lady Antebellum

14. Eric Clapton

15. Jimmy Buffett

16. Boz Scaggs

17. Steve Martin

18. The Civil Wars

19. Darius Rucker

20. Pearl Jam

21. The Band Perry

22. Depeche Mode

23. The National

24. Kacey Musgraves

25. Queens Of The Stone Age

26. John Mayer

27. The Tenors

28. Tedeschi Trucks Band

29. Rod Stewart

30. Kenny Chesney

31. Paul McCartney

32. Robin Thicke

33. Bob Dylan

34. Alan Jackson

35. Katy Perry

36. Aaron Neville

37. Lady Gaga

38. Alice In Chains

39. Luke Bryan

40. The Mavericks

41. Claude-Michel Schönberg

42. Jack Johnson

43. Willie Nelson

44. Nine Inch Nails

45. Pistol Annies


14 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    I don’t live in a singles world, although there are artists I only purchase tracks from. I talk a great deal about misperceptions and untruths, used to justify a change or behavior.

    One those, I find most offensive, is how the stauch supporters of digital only music talk about how it has liberated the music buying or music taking public. by emphatically stating that albums only have 1 good track anyway, implying that complete works by all artists are a rip off.

    No wonder so many say there is no good music being made today. It’s there, unfortunately nobody hears it and making it available for free only makes matters worse.

  2. metadata

    So what?
    basically it’s a list of artist that did relatively good on every outlet (like daftpunk, vampire weekend, lady gaga), plus artists that did very well for over-30 demographics.
    And you can immagine a lot of those amazon transaction being like second hand 2-pounds eric clapton greatest hits. not the best business to forecast for the industry.
    How the fact that Andrea Bocelli has a lot of plastic discs for sale in highway gas station minimarkets really is a news about digital music?

  3. FarePlay

    Metadata, you are supporting a future you see for your generation and it wii be fascinating to see what you create. In the meantime, hopefully our generations will rise to the occasion and keep some in the creative community working for our lifetimes.

  4. Rocky3333

    #11 is suspect. Should be CCR. Chronicles 1 has been high on the both the Top 200 and Catalog album charts for years.

  5. Anthony Burbidge

    This is a nice list but where are the numbers? Emmylou Harris is #7 on the list. Does that mean she sold more product than Pearl Jam and John Mayer who are lower on the list? Even back in the 90’s she was not a big seller – she racked up Grammys but not Diamond Album sales. So how did she do – 10,000 CDs? 1 million CDs?

    • Rocky3333

      Yeah, what about Led Zeppelin and the Foo Fighters? Another “Rolling Stone” type of top list?

  6. Ben Stewart

    The album pictured is a must have on cd and lp, their earlier work was ok but this them on a whole new level. Happy to see people are still buying the 16 bit format, on a decent cd player it is way ahead of mp3. On more niche formats like SACD and Blu Ray audio the same title can be even more engrossing depending on equipment used of course.

  7. Rico

    This is great. Instead of music crtic’s meaningless opininions, we get everybody’s
    meanininless opinion..

  8. Esol Esek

    I agree with questioning the relevance of this list. Most of these artists were established when cds ruled the roost, thus their fans are older. If anything, this just proves how imploded the market is for younger listeners and fans, minus about 5 artists for 25 and unders and another 5 for 35s and under. The rest are classic rock and pop and folk.