Yet Another Online Music Community: Rushmore is Out of Beta

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Rushmore, a new online music community, has moved out of beta and is open for all.

The site ( says they “want to bring music fans and music artists closer together“.  That’s a tired statement, but Rushmore has some interesting features that have potential.

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Rushmore is essentially a music-based social networking site, allowing fans and artists to make or claim their profile.

Fans can follow artist profiles and friends by connecting Facebook and Twitter. An integrated import will automatically follow a user’s top 50 artists. Artists can also be followed manually.

Additionally, users can also earn stickers, much like Foursquare, but this feature feels a bit out of place.

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The dashboard contains a feed of updates from followed users and artists. Artists updates can be made by users that have earned an “editor” title. The title is only given to early adopters, people recommended by current editors, or those on a waiting list.

The dashboard also shows recent and upcoming album releases and nearby events for tracked artists.

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Rushmore also has a leaderboard of the top editors… but there don’t appear to be any benefits to being in the top.

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5 Responses

  1. cubedweller

    Hey Nina, thanks a lot for the write up, we appreciate it. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming in the next couple of months, both for fans and artists, so stay tuned.

    Oh and there’s definitely benefits for climbing up the 300, we send you Rushmore goodies in the mail!

  2. cjhoffmn

    Hey Nina – I’d be curious how this stacks up against the other similar sites. Earbits for example has a bunch of similar features – how does this compare to earbits or other sites like that?


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