SFX and Clear Channel Partner on Syndicated EDM Radio Shows and More…

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SFX Entertainment has partnered with Clear Channel Communications. This partnership will include live events, a DJ talent search, and a countdown radio show based on the SFX-owned Beatport top 20.

The top 20 countdown will air on at least 10 major Clear Channel stations, such as Z100 in New York and KIIS FM in Los Angeles. The DJ talent search show will air on Clear Channel stations and iHeartRadio’s “Evolution”, which is curated by Pete Tong.

This announcement finally begins to show what the big picture is for SFX, as they’ve been buying up massive amounts of EDM-related companies.

John Sykes, Clear Channel’s president of entertainment enterprises, said:

“EDM is quickly becoming mainstream in our culture – we found ourselves looking for every possible way we could connect with our audience in EDM”


Image by Mixtribe Photo, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

3 Responses

  1. aenyc

    Way to go CC and ruin everything! I guess everyone will just have to find a new favorite genre.

  2. soniquarium muzika

    No reason to find a new “Genre” Most of the Beatport top 20 is Commercial Sounds anyway. And their “DJ” search will be another “DJ Pauly” from Jersey Shore type. They are not serious about EDM in general.. Just want to push Main Stream sounds to make money. Nothing Wrong with that, you don’t have to produce or Play that “Popular” sound. SFX will help the over all scene, because there will be splinters of people who will want more “Underground” Sounds than the POP EDM SFX and BEATPORT push.

  3. Maria

    Hey keep us updated. Especially about the radio show. I could add the iHeartRadio to the list of our radio stations on Liveradio along with this announcement…