Coinye: The Digital Currency That Ignored Kanye West’s Cease and Desist…

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If Bitcoin and Dogecoin aren’t enough for you…

Kanye West’s lawyers sent a cease and desist to Coinye, a digital currency based on Yeezus’ likeness.

West’s lawyers asked for a complete site shut down and want the founders to stop using Kanye’s name and image.  After receiving the letter the name of the currency was changed from “Coinye West” to “Coinye”.   And instead of using a cartoon drawing of Kanye, Coinye is now using a cartoon fish drawing of Kanye.

As for shutting down the site… the currency’s release date was moved up to January 7th.

The Coinye website says:

“We are just a few guys who are excited about the future of cryptocurrency and would like to see it become a more mainstream phenomenon.”

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Voice of reason? You gotta be kidding… 🙂

    As for the infringers: They were stupid enough to admit that Mr. West had inspired their ‘currency’ from the start, so their latest rip-off attempt probably won’t fly either.

    • cjhoffmn

      I’m amazed Kanye didn’t let it go, and then just corner the market for the coins, stating loudly that he owns the most relevant cultural art work of the century. He could legitimately say, he IS money…

      I wonder if he’ll now do a series of Goddess Coins with a picture of Kim K on the front…

      • Danwriter

        Exactly. If he really was the genius he claims to be, he’d leverage stuff like this instead of siccing his lawyers on it. Whadda dope.

        • Anonymous

          Guys, here’s how it works:

          You have to protect your trademark against infringement.

          If you don’t, you lose it.