Ninja Tune Puts This Warning Sticker On All New Releases…

Quick clarification: Ninja Tune noted that these stickers are applied to promo pre-releases to the media, tastemakers, etc., not mainline consumer CDs.  

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23 Responses

    • FarePlay

      While unfortunately nothing will do it, this is definitely the right approach. No name calling, characterization or threats, just the facts.

      Piracy has taken a back seat to streaming, because streaming services like Spotify are now seen by many as the final body blow to an anemic record business, grossly mismanaged by its’ handlers.

      What has been allowed to happen in the music business is a tragedy and bodes poorly for the future of technology and its’ impact on our economy and our culture. it appears now, that piracy is merely a symptom of the ethical free-fall we find ourselves in today.

  1. Anonymous Visiting Visitor

    Very compelling indeed. Why didn’t the industry think of this years ago?

    • Anonymous

      “Suing fans?”

      Fans don’t steal. Criminals do.

      And this is a wonderful initiative.

  2. Jason Feinberg

    It’s nice to see a message like this that is relatable and not just talking down to the fans. Hope it has an impact.

    • Jason Feinberg

      Errr, seems this is on advances sent to journalists, which makes way more sense, but still a well-worded message.

  3. Erik P

    Just got a response from Ninja Tune after tweeting this… “nope only on the promo CD’s we send to industry before release!”

    • JTVDigital

      Interesting…most leaks come from ‘insiders’. If you think about it the only persons having access to the files before the release are the ones working for the labels, their contractors (studios…etc.), radio stations or journalists…

    • Faza (TCM)

      I would’ve thought that one was obvious: you cannot leak something that’s already on sale.

      The purpose of the sticker – general anti-piracy wording aside – is to stop folks who get an advance look at the material spoiling the surprise for everyone else.

  4. Literati X inc

    The only comment I can make is 250 billion in cash money. If you don’t know me you’d better ask the President how come America has enslaved a small businessman inside the digital music landscape? Literati X ( C )–: pay the price or perish forever. . .LX

  5. Anonymous

    What’s the difference between a pirate and a fine piece of art?

      • GGG

        Pirates are valuable too if there’s a bounty on their head. And plenty of “art” has no value because it’s terrible.

  6. Jughead

    People will still steal. It’s now part of consumers’ DNA.

  7. Minneapolis Musician

    Unfortunately I think there will still be too many people who will rip it to MP3s without much thought.