Beats’ Super Bowl Campaign: Ellen DeGeneres and the Dancing Bears…

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Beats Music is no longer restricting new users and it seems like they have their service under control (though the Windows version of their app is still “coming soon”).

But what about those “Spotify squashing” Super Bowl ads we heard about?

Ellen DeGeneres recently previewed a clip of a Super Bowl ad she did for Beats. It appears Beats is going to squash Spotify with dancing hipster bears.

Watch the clip:


8 Responses

  1. Where's Dre

    Who is making the decisions at Beats??? Why Ellen and EDM together? Do Beats’ potential EDM users give a rats ass about Ellen? Do Ellen fans enjoy EDM? No and no. Stupid commericial – waste of money. For me, Beats is DOA.

    • GGG

      Not that I think Ellen is the best choice, but why use Dre? Beats already appeals to the demo Dre would appeal to most. Would be a waste of a commercial using him.

  2. FarePlay

    Seriously lame. Paul you’re just playing a joke on us, right?

    Given the mis-steps, Beats Music will have a free option in ninety days or less, unless they can leverage AT&T to bundle the hell out of it. Beats Music is not the next iPhone.

  3. andre

    the entire commercial is here:

    i’m not gunning for beats music to fail . . . but I think it’s a strange marketing strategy, I can’t see Ellen’s audience ponying up subscriptions . . . then there’s the corny dancing when they could be showing some cool features in play

    memories of webos

    • Dead Beats

      All the hype lead me to think Beats was going to be edgy and cool… Maybe even something I would pay for. After seeing this commericial I have zero interest in Beats.

      They have two Superbowl spots at 4 million each. This one is horrible. The other one better appeal to someone other than people who are home watching Ellen. Otherwise, 8 million flushed is a sure sign of things to come.

      • andre

        yea doesn’t look promising. it seems they’re also trying to replicate the success they had w getting athletes to wear the beats headphones by airing adds on ESPN and getting athlete endorsements for the app/service, but an app on your phone will never have the visual appeal of a fashion accessory noticeable to other observers

        like I said in my prior post, i’m not gunning for their failure, I thought they were on to something when they announced that they would design a product w more emphasis on the actual culture of music, and I think they succeeded on that front by building a lot of context into the app. But Ellen has nothing to w music, she’s a recognized charismatic person but the demographic of her show doesn’t strike me as passionate music consumers, the type that pay for monthly subscriptions. I can’t see young people being swayed to pay for monthly subscriptions because Ellen danced goofily in a commercial . . . it’s a real headscratcher. It seems they would’ve been better off partnering w some A-list EDM talent and Ultra to get that they young dance music crowd excited, they pay upwards of $500 per Ultra ticket so a monthly subscription might seem reasonable to that crowd. Who knows? I respect Ian and the team behind Beats, so we’ll see

        • Yves Villeneuve

          The commercial is “gay”. It may appeal to the homosexual community. Love Ellen as a comedian though.

        • Yves Villeneuve

          Agree, Trent Reznor would have been a better choice for this niche product.