Prepare The Screen Shots, John Mayer Is BACK On Twitter

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“My stupid mouth has got me in trouble, I said too much again…” – John Mayer from “My Stupid Mouth,” Room For Squares (2001)

It’s been over 3 years since we last heard from the man who dug himself such a deep hole with his loose tongue (and arrogant humor) that he not only had to delete his Twitter account, he pretty much left civilization and went into hibernation in Montana.

When he deleted his former account, @JohnCMayer had 3.7 million Twitter followers. It seems @JohnCMayer will forever rest in the Twitter graveyard, but the man is back and has taken over the official @JohnMayer account himself.

In his 2012 Rolling Stone interview, Mayer explained (part of) the reason why he left Twitter in the first place:

Mayer: I realized that the overall feeling of my days was starting to drift. I was day-trading — it was like opening an E*Trade account where you’re constantly keeping track of how you’re doing. I wasted a lot of time on Twitter.

RS: I’ve often wondered if Twitter rewires the brain.

Mayer: It does rewire your brain. When I got off, I remember really quickly getting my RAM cache back, having deeper thoughts again. Being able to rewrite verses — before, I was just writing lines. I made the record I made because I didn’t have any leaks in the pipe. I kept all the creative water pressure moving toward the record.

His Twitter exit came after his disastrous interviews with Rolling Stone and Playboy (where he discussed watching copious amounts of porn, called Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm,” said “my dick is sort of like a white supremacist,” dropped the N word, and then had a public meltdown on stage apologizing for it).

All of this happened in the wake of his press tour for his worst record, Battle Studies.

Not to mention the hilarious Twitter fight with Perez Hilton (hopefully there’s more of that soon).

After his explosion into super-stardom, following his Grammy winning, 2005 smash (and his best record), Continuum, Mayer felt he was untouchable. And why wouldn’t he. He dated the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift. He could get into any party anywhere and could school (or at least hang with) virtually anyone on the guitar (jam credits include BB King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and the list goes on).

It all came to a breaking point, though, and he finally shut it down.

Well, the “Wonderland” singer (sorry John, had to!), is back! And with the same avatar as when he left. That’s kind of hilarious.

Returning must be his proclamation that he has either learned his lesson or just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. We’re all hoping for the latter.

His first tweet?

And second? The Rebecca Black “Friday” video. Yes, he has missed 3+ years of pop culture (well at least in the eyes of the Twitter gods).

Welcome back, John. We missed you!

Follow him: @JohnMayer