Deezer Appoints U.S. CEO, Says $10-a-Month Subscription Is Too Expensive…

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Back in November Digital Music News reported on Deezer’s upcoming U.S. launch. Sources suggested the service would launch in early 2014. There’s no official word yet, but it looks like Deezer is starting to get the ball rolling.

Tyler Goldman has been named Deezer’s U.S. CEO. Goldman was previously CEO of the now defunct Movielink, an on-demand service and electronic store for movies.

Goldman’s offices will be in San Francisco, where Beats Music also has offices.

It also seems possible that Deezer won’t stick to the $10 a month model that has become the norm. The company’s CEO Axel Dauchez told Billboard that $10 a month is too high a price:

“I’m interested in creating different ways of raising the entry levels…. Maybe by €1, € 5, €10 [subscription price points]. Not only having a €10 subscription. The initial step is too big.”

11 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    I agree, no subscription is the way to go.
    Just “confirm” or have it blessed your current playlist (limit 2000) and jump in!
    The catch? – 39 cents for any new tune you want to add to that list.
    Deezer duties to please you better than Spoty with some limitations on display. It’s so simple!

  2. Me

    All it’s going to take is for one service to lower their price, and all the others will match.

    • TuneHunter

      Sony is at 3.99 Pandora at $3… Let it be FREE. At those rates industry will never exceed 30B.
      Money is in the discovery.
      Give them the best experience, custom tailored to their desires, then make them PAY!
      You want to listen again? It is not part of you confirmed playlist? Well, you have to PAY!

      • Nick

        Why don’t you start a music service and implement this idea yourself?

        • TuneHunter

          It has to be done by existing big boys.
          No other option – change of religion across the industry required.

  3. Champion

    Beats Music is a steal at $10 a month. I would actually pay $10 per month even if it didn’t offer streaming just because their playlists and recommendations are so good. If Deezer doesn’t have something that competes with Beats’ excellent curation, they are toast. The USA already has Spotify; another identical offering won’t go anywhere. Several of my friends have already switched to Beats.

    I think tons of people are going to be willing to pay for music when it’s this convenient and this awesome. They could charge me $20 or $30 a month and I wouldn’t flinch. Streaming is so much better than piracy and I listen to music every day.

  4. Jordan

    I am a Spotify turn Rdio turn Google Play Music user and I too believe that 10$ is somewhat reasonable. (Paying 8$ for Google Play Music). Unlimited streaming of (for the most part) virtually whatever I want to listen to with no in-between ads. However, if Deezer wants to change the price of what we pay, I am all for it and would probably end up switching. I’ve always been curious to what they have to offer and hope they at least give out a trial when it opens in the U.S. I am interested in what their pricing options will end up being like. I wonder how this would work.. a certain amount of songs for a monthly price or for a certain amount of devices?