WTF? t.A.T.u. is Playing the Olympics Opening Ceremony, Despite Russian Anti-Gay Laws…

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A few months ago a Russian show promoter was fined over a Lady Gaga concert. The court said Gaga broke Russia’s “anti-propaganda of homosexuality among minors” law.

Confusingly, t.A.T.u. is playing at the imminent Sochi Olympic opening ceremony… even though lesbianism is central to their image.  Will anyone be fined over this?  I thought Putin was anti-gay.

Maybe it’s okay because t.A.T.u. aren’t actually lesbians, they just made a career out of pretending to be.

t.A.T.u.’s Lena Katina sent this tweet, but later deleted it:

“They have invited us to perform at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics but they’re treating the artists like shit!!!”

14 Responses

  1. ben

    “but they’re treating the artists like shit!!!””

    because they ARE shit!

    • Nina Ulloa

      Their Russian songs are pretty well crafted… As far as the pop music machine goes

    • Dude

      Very constructive. What’s your successful band playing the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics called?

    • Stupid Ass

      Hey Voice of Reason … why don’t you run naked down the street yelling “Fuck the Olympics” … to show everyone what a moron you truly are.

  2. Julio

    Hey if you want to be gay I think is wrong but I am not going to stop anybody, I respect people decision but I dont need to see this, do you things in prívate and dont try to impose that is normal and respect the people who also in dont agree with that behavior.

    • null

      Cultural diversity relies upon tolerance, not avoidance.

      The standard you propose requires the world to know what you as an individual will find offensive. Relying on populism or religious text to determine what might offend is just as problematic. Respect is found within yourself, and when it’s present, what other people say or do is no longer threatening.

    • Steven

      Then don’t ever makeout with your girlfriend or hold her hand in public and we will be all good. Also it’s no more a choice than you choosing the color of your skin. That’s why gay camps don’t work and simoly make the person affraid. Also you can think it’s wrong all you want but the best part is you can’t stop a gay couple from holding hands in public! sorry.

      • Steven

        ugh the comment above was for Julio. Also I meant to type simply and it didn’t work.

  3. Julio

    I dont discriminate or treat bad a person for that condition but I dont have to agree with what I think is wrong, and this is something that I see that usually the gay society want to impose, they want their right to be respected but they dont respect other vision or opinion is, but let me tell you I dont feel theating at all, but this is not so simple that not what I want my children to see, a society which there is no right and wrong and what society do or accept because the egoísm of a group impact the who le world, that what I am worry, this is the world in what my son is going to growth in what to smoke marihuana is “normal” and “right”, same sex antinatural at all is what a group of people are trying to sell as normal, I can not speak for other but that worry me

    • null

      Asking someone to repress themselves in order to protect your children from something you feels threatens them is not kind, tolerant, or respectful. I can think of no better opportunity to teach my child about his family’s value system and how to tolerate people with different value systems than to openly discuss behavior that I personally feel is wrong. The key word is “personal”. We’re not talking about murder, rape, or theft. Those actions warrant suppression b/c they harm other individuals in a manner that disregards their free will. I won’t post again. You’re obviously free to do as you please. I simply hoped to invoke thought that might expose other useful perspectives regarding who is truly responsible for acts that offend us as individuals. IMHO, it’s our own judgements that cause us to experience the emotion of being offended, not the other person’s actions.

    • hippydog

      Quote “I dont discriminate or treat bad a person for that condition”

      I highly doubt that..

      Basically what your saying is your not a racist, but you wish those “people” would stop being themselves, and be more like you or at least not eat at the same restaurant as you… but your not a racist..

    • GGG

      I’d much rather my children grow up surrounded by gay dudes than just 1 dbag like you.