BeatStars Is a Marketplace and Distribution Service For Producers…

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BeatStars, a marketplace and distribution service for producers, is out of open beta. 

Here’s how it works: producers can upload and sell their beats on BeatStars and on Facebook.  They offer distribution to Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Deezer,, and a homegrown YouTube network.  The service also offers synch placements.

BeatStars has signed a licensing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG).  They’ve also added Spotify integration.

Or, hawk it directly: in addition, BeatStars has announced Pro-Pages, which are customizable web pages that can be configured with custom domain names.  Producers can showcase and sell their beats directly on their Pro-Page.

BeatsStars says artists keep 100% of all license revenue.

Of course, these services aren’t free. Here are the pricing tiers:

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Currently, BeatStars has 100,000 active users. They say their top producers earn six figure incomes, but I doubt all of that money comes directly through BeatStars.

6 Responses

  1. anonymous

    I doubt any of the producers on this site earned income from beatstars….just my guess…..i also wonder if they have a strong copyrite infringment department in place as most young producers use unauthorised samples without realising the legal rights of the original artist . I’m afraid these are the types who would need to flock to a site like this. I know i am sounding cynical today but i’m only looking at how many 1000’s of unauthorised “productions” or “re-edits” which are actually bootleg rip-offs of original music have gone undetected at youtube, sound cloud, mix cloud,etc…….and are for sale on beatport, iTunes, while the original musicians and songwriters never get a credit or a dime. I guess I’m sending a warning to beatstars as I know they’ll be reading this. it’s one thing to promote sampled tracks and re-edits to get dj gigs but it’s another ballgame to sell them to rappers and singers who will then be sued on release… the way Pharrel did to Robin thick. did thick even know about the Marvin Gaye song as he did not produce the beats . He would have to be thick if he didn’t …but a more obscure sampled “beat” will surely end up on a site like this if they dont have some sort of shazam thing in place. my two cents !

  2. Bob

    Build your own site ad following.

    I have never been a fan of putting my content on other peoples sites like that unless its soundcloud etc.

    Best of luck though!

  3. Bob

    I have never been a fan of using these sites to sell my beats. Build your own and build a following
    Best of luck though!

  4. Bob

    I Have never been a fan of using sites like this to sell beats. Build your own and build a following

  5. Don't do it

    Don’t do it. I did it and saw that they promote your untagged beats on a lot of platforms. I’ve sold a lot of these beats exclusively and asked beatstars to delete my beats on this plattforms. They just don’t give a shit about it. I needed a lawyer now to go further steps now. They earning money with your beats forever! Producers, be warned about this scam service.

  6. Gold

    Hello I was curious did they ever take your beats down? I was considering joining beat stars especially after I saw a video on world star sayin he makes 4k a month on beat stars.can’t really find too many good reviews on this site. Would love to hear your experience with them and to check out your music as well