Music Sales in Germany Rise for the First Time in 15 Years…

Time and time again, we’ve heard about countries with declining music sales, largely due to plunges in physical sales not being offset by increases in streaming revenue.  Germany now joins nations like Sweden and Norway in breaking that trend.

According to Germany’s Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI), Germany saw a 1.2 percent rise in music sales in 2013. This is the first rise in sales in 15 years.

This rise puts Germany’s total music sales for the year at €1.45 billion.

CD sales went down 1.3 percent, but the format still accounts for 69 percent of all sales.  Vinyl went up 47.2 percent and accounts for 2 percent of all sales.

Digital downloads accounted for 17.9 percent of sales, an 11.7 percent rise. More than enough to make up for the small decline in physical sales.  Streaming revenue is at 4.7 percent.


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Check out the stats on this tiny pie chart


Overall, digital accounted for 22.6 percent of sales, and physical accounted for 77.4 percent.

7 Responses

    • Faza (TCM)

      Well spotted. Given that inflation was 1.43%, music industy revenue actually went down by 0.23% in real terms.

      This is actually an important point when evaluating just how far downhill we’ve gone. As far as I’m aware, all industry declines are given in monetary terms, despite the fact that inflation has been taking bites out of the value of money every year – for fifteen years or so. It might be interesting to see what the declines are in real terms. Hey, I might even do so over at TCM.

      • TuneHunter

        1999 is worth after inflation 56 billion. We will be lucky if we top 18B for 2013.

        In the meantime music is worth over 100 billion to an outsider with little of common sense!

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe boycotting YouTube wasn’t such a bad idea after all.