The Exploitation of Justin Bieber (In 6 Easy Pictures)

It’s really simple.

(please note: if you have not seen the movie Boogie Nights, this will not make any sense.)

1. Star Is Discovered…

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2. These Guys Get Rich.

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3. Star Implodes…

Combination photo of booking photos of Canadian teen pop singer Bieber in Miami Beach
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4. These Guys Start Thinking.

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5. Star Is Replaced.

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6. These Guys Start Making Money Again.

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Any Questions?



8 Responses

    • Me

      I’m a little skeptical of this streaming survey. It’s based on 2,000 people over 12 years old. That’s an extremely small sample. I don’t think you can draw anything conclusive from those numbers.

    • Anonymous

      “Personally, I’m waiting for your take on the following stories… Dr. Dre’s Beats Music Said to Raise Up to $100 Million”

      Not to mention that Google now escalates its war against music, literature and movies:

      “There is significant, credible evidence emerging that car theft — oops, online piracy is primarily an availability and pricing problem”

      Source: Google, according to TorrentFreak

  1. hippydog

    Doesnt matter..
    Say all you want..
    We Canadians are NOT taking Bieber back….
    We won the Olympics hockey game.. and the bet.. (loser takes Bieber)

  2. CharlesS

    This article has absolutely NOTHING to do with music.

  3. Willis

    Did I click on Star Magazine or National Inquirer by mistake?