Thursday, March 20th: Shuts Down, Forever…

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(screenshot taken March 20th, 8:15 am PCT)

“Ultimately, I didn’t heed the lessons of so many failed music startups.  It’s an incredibly expensive venture to pursue and a hard industry to work with.  We spent more than a quarter of our cash on lawyers, royalties and services related to supporting music.  It’s restrictive.  We had to shut down our growth because we couldn’t launch internationally.  It’s a long road.  It took years to get label deals in place and it also took months of engineering time to properly support them (time which could have been spent on product).”

Shutting Down,’ by co-founder Billy Chasen.


4 Responses

  1. Nina Ulloa

    smh @ the labels and the current system. i discovered so much music on turntable. artists that i now spend $$ on.

  2. It could have worked could have worked with proper leadership and a business-minded CEO at the helm. Sad to see it wasn’t purchased so it could live on, under better management.

  3. Gianni

    I never cared for Billy much or TT staff in general, They seemed pretty arrogant to me. Having said that, what was a business minded CEO going to do that Billy hadn’t already tried ? You talk as if Billy is some moron living in his moms basement. If you have some inside knowledge that i do not have, then fine, I’m wrong, but i think people just want to hate on Billy for not losing anymore of his money so they could enjoy themselves. Everyone jumped to plug anyway, so the people didn’t really lose anything. Billy took all the loss. Plugdj was never a viable alternative for me because who the hell wants to sit through 50 people and 4 hours to play a song they can just go play on youtube or grooveshark or wherever ? If plugs making a profit more power to them, but they’re not paying youtube a dime like Billy had to pay for his music. Also are you suggesting that Billy should have made his people wait for 4 hours on a queue to play their song ? Is that what a business minded CEO would have done ? With TT you had wait times, yes, but they were minimal and you had way more variety in room choices. TT was just better in almost every way, except staff. What more could Billy have done ? He said all along he wanted to keep it free, so if you say “he could have charged money” then go start up a website like tt and charge money. If it’s that simple, but it’s not and smart people like Billy knew this. I think plug has great staff members and that’s a big part of their success as much as anything. Nobody wants to sit in a room with some clowns telling them which button to press and when to press it. Plug seems to have less of that “elitist” nonsense. Stick to room genre and be respectful of others in chat should be the only rules you need. For all the things that upset me about TT.FM, Billy’s CEO abilities or lack thereof, were way down the list.