With Edjing You Can Create DJ Mixes on Any Mobile Platform…

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If you’re looking to DJ on your mobile device which app should you use? There’s a pretty cool app called Pacemaker for iPad that lets you pull music from Spotify and iTunes… But what if you don’t have an iPad or a Spotify Premium subscription?

Enter Edjing, a DJ app for tablets and phones. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle. In 2013 the app was named “Best App of the Year” by Google Play.

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You can load up songs from your local music library, Deezer Premium, or SoundCloud (no Spotify).

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There’s an automix feature that will automatically play through a list of songs. It’s pretty handy, but turning it off is a little confusing. Sometimes I think it’s off, but then it queues up an unwanted song.

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There’s a variety of effects, but only gain levels and a couple of filters are free. If you want the full range of effects your best bet is buying Edjing Premium from the app store for $9.99.

You can easily record your mixes and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or text message.

The free version has great basic mixing tools for those who want to do it casually. If you’re interested in integrating a mixing app into a live setup I would recommend spending your $9.99 on Traktor DJ.


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  1. Question

    Are they paying licensing to allow users to share mixes?

  2. gygfhg

    How do You download It on Windows Phone or can You?