iTunes Is Now Preparing a ‘Beyoncé-Esque’ Exclusive for Mariah Carey…

Update, Monday, 8:55 am PCT: Billboard now says their report might be completely inaccurate, based on conflicting details from Carey’s label.  Let’s see.

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Last month, we reported that iTunes was preparing a massive, ‘Beyoncé-esque’ promotion for a major mainstream artist.  That artist now looks to be Mariah Carey, who seems to be flirting with a very similar release strategy for her upcoming release.

This time, Billboard is catching wind of the details, and pointing to a ‘Beyonce-style album drop’ that will focus heavily on direct fan relationships, and of course, iTunes.  It also seems highly likely to exclude Spotify, now considered a low-rent distraction for superstar artists. “Though Carey doesn’t mention other artists in describing her strategy, it’s clear she’s taking a page out of the “Beyoncé” playbook,” Billboard reporter Andrew Hamp affirms, while also pointing to a restricted number of sales outlets.

Beyoncé’s iTunes-exclusive album sold 828,773 copies in the first three days, an iTunes record.  It has now sold more than 3 million copies, and remains unavailable on streaming services.


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  1. Anonymous

    No wonder — here’s the latest result of Beyoncé’s streaming boycott:


    Singer Beyonce has been selected as the cover star for Time magazine’s special 100 most influential people issue […]

    Beyonce was credited with having “shattered music-industry rules – and sales records” when she released her surprise album in December last year.”

    SOURCE: BBC, April 25, 2014

    • Anonymous



      • Anonymous


        Hehe, that’s what you guys kept saying about Adele, Coldplay, Black Keys and Taylor Swift.

        And you were dead wrong every time.

        Reality is changing and you have to adjust.

  2. Anonymous

    “Last month, we reported that iTunes was preparing a massive, ‘Beyoncé-esque’ promotion for a major mainstream artist. That artist now looks to be Mariah Carey”

    Perhaps, but it could be any mainstream artist.

    Everybody’s talking about Beyoncé’s anti-streaming success right now.

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Is anyone whispering about, how download sales went down 13.3 percent in the first quarter of 2014?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t worry, we know about the decrease, the cause and the cure.

        • PiratesWinLOL

          Yeah, you obviously need to call Dr. Ek. He is the only one which has managed to cure the disease of decline in several countries and change the numbers into healthy growth. Or perhaps you have some different success stories to share?

          • Anonymous

            “Or perhaps you have some different success stories to share?”

            Spotify holdouts like Adele, Coldplay, Black Keys, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are not successful enough for ya? 🙂

            Ah, no that’s right — here’s what you said about Beyoncé’s legendary anti-streaming success in December:

            “it is just some silly arty-farty project, which very few will care about”

            And here’s what you said about it a couple of months later:

            “Very few has cared about her silly arty-farty project”

            Now, it may be ‘very few’ by your standards, but it was enough for Time magazine to select Beyoncé as the cover star for the magazine’s special 100 Most Influential People issue, crediting her for shattering music-industry rules — and sales records.

          • derby

            I see the Black Keys on Spotify. Guess the holdout is over?

          • Anonymous

            The trend is to avoid Spotify during release week or month.

            So most holdouts are temporary.

            The most successful one — Beyoncé’s — seems to be of a more permanent nature, though.

  3. PiratesWinLOL

    These isolated cases of cadaveric spasms are quite fascinating.

  4. Billy

    Who cares about Mariah Carey? She made it. She earns good money.

    Support hard working musicians who struggle against piracy in a much more desperate environment than the Mariah Careys.

  5. Blahblahblah

    Do Mariah fans, however many of those are left, even own a computer yet?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Mariah Carey, not Mary Chapin Carpenter. 😉

      • Blahblahblah

        Heh. Nice one. I was just implying, in a typically snarky manner, that Mariah might be a bit beyond her shelf life for iTunes to think this will create a big buzz. Who’s next? Styx?