Google Is Now Getting 1,000,000 Takedown Requests a Day…

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Google is getting heat from Congress for not doing enough to remove infringing content from their search results. But how many DMCA takedown requests is Google actually having to go through?

Taken from Google’s Transparency Report, the above graph shows how many requests Google gets on a weekly basis – from 2011 through today. In the week of 4/28/14, Google received 5,740,103 requests. Compare that to the week of 7/02/12, when Google received 572,444 requests.

In the past month, Google has received 25,503,016 removal requests from 4,428 copyright owners.

4,576,025 ownership claims came from British trade organization BPI. 5,469,455 URLs were reported by copyright protection company Degbhan.

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23 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Imagine if any other company violated the law 1,000,000 times every single day…

    • Nina Ulloa

      that’s like saying “imagine how many times craigslist breaks the law every day”

  2. Chris H

    Who cares how many they have to go through? It’s more that maybe playing wack a mole has gotten both sides tired. The reasonable proposal of “take down, stay down”, would cut that workload down quite a bit.

    • Anonymous

      “The reasonable proposal of “take down, stay down”, would cut that workload down quite a bit”

      Probably by 99,99999%. 🙂

      “So you’re saying this Pirate Bay is a CRIMINAL site? Gee whiz, how were we to know?”

      Eric Schmidt.

  3. aynon

    Millions of the requests are automated by software that searches for every instance of a keyword. There is not a single human verifying that any of the files are truly infringing.

    Many of those links could be pointing to dead torrent links or false files which are not infringing.

    I don’t believe that any of those links are infringing. There is no proof whatsoever that they are infringing.

    Automated software without verifying infringing content is a violation of the DMCA.

  4. ks

    “Automated software” claim.

    Adds to list of ridiculous thieves’ rationalizations

    • Anonymous

      I guess it’s a good thing that most pirates feel this need to justify stealing.

      They do know it destroys everything they love — Hollywood movies, software, music…

      • kramlat

        I say down with the repressive corporate plutocracy. Time that the working class rise up and take back the democracy. Do I want Hollywood to be dead? Hell Yes! Let them be replaced by the government. Let the government also replace every publisher and label as well as all businesses. Down with the public and private sectors that are a cancer upon the world. I feel if the pirates want to destroy capitalism, I welcome them comrades with open arms.

  5. mdti

    1 month = 25,503,016 removal requests from 4,428 copyright owners =

    5759 removal request by each right owner

    during the last 30 days

    is 192,00 per day

    or 24,00 per hour (for a work day of 8 effective hours)

    0,40 per minute

    so 1 request every 2,5 minutes by each right owners.

    • mdti

      so the least that can be said, is that it must be a very boring job 🙂

  6. KnobTwiddler

    Google likes to tout these numbers as outrageous, while ignoring the fact that Google is the one that makes it so cumbersome in the first place by requiring a separate takedown notice for each and every infringement. They should have only gotten 4428 notices…..but they’re assholes.

  7. hippydog

    On a slightly unrelated topic.. 😉

    Google Play MUSIC has launched in Canada..

    I am a little shocked to notice that DMN never mentioned this piece of news..

    • Sequenz_

      This is an American website. We don’t care about any other country’s music business. I thought that was clear.

    • JeffreyBarkin

      It’s clear that American-owned and controlled Google already operates the world’s largest streaming service: YouTube, Yet Google currently pays the lowest streaming royalties according to all available global studies. Is music just a cheap content commodity that must be continually devalued to keep their business machine rolling?

      It’s GREAT that Google has launched its Google Play Music in Canada… But will they pay the performance royalties that are required by MROC and CMRRA? What and about their YouTube? It seems Spotify and many of the others have stayed out due to the compensation requirements to music creators and performers.

      To return to the TOPIC: Regarding the take down notices… Appreciate that Google must make substantial advertising revenue from this piracy every time these sites are found and have been channeling criminal prospects.

      • Anonymous

        “Google must make substantial advertising revenue from this piracy”

        Yes, and every single cent is stolen from musicians and other right owners.

  8. Willis

    Those at Google should be issued eye patches, wooden legs and shoulder parrots.

  9. greg

    The posters here are ridiculous. On a related note do you realize how many ziploc bags are used in the sale and transport of drugs?, ziploc are basically drug dealers. What are they doing to keep their product for being used for illegal purposes. The CEO of ziploc is basically Pablo Escobar.