Macklemore: Funny Guy, or Complete Anti-Semite?

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"Spectacle: The Music Video" Exhibition Opening
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11 Responses

  1. frank

    kind of weak not to post Macklemore’s response tweet . . .

  2. rick

    is this the media’s attempt to balance out the Sterling fiasco….

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Just when I thought I’d forgotten about that…

      • Willis

        How could you forget? I just did several amazing interviews.

  3. PiratesWinLOL

    I guess it looks more plausible, than his attempt to be a rapper.

  4. Adam

    Everyone needs to calm down. I don’t even like the guy but as a Jew the accusers couldn’t have been more wrong. Without the pais (sideburns) and hat, this is not even remotely “Jewish” looking. Furthermore it’s pretty hilarious watching Jews and other self-stereotype by saying that the beard and big nose means anything. First of all, Jews don’t ever dress like that. Ever. No Jew would ever have a haircut like that with their beard, and he knows that. He also, presumably knows, like everyone else should, that chassidic Jews, the ones who “dress in black” would wear a hat, a special kind if black suit, that looks NOTHING like this one. It’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone thinks this is anti-Semitic. I hate the guy but where are the Jews to stand up for him? They know this isn’t anti-semitism in the slightest!

    • mdti

      Thanks, that’s good to read and breath some air.
      Those attacks for racism are often justified, but as often, they are simply insults to the intelligence.

  5. AitchDee

    A disgusting ‘Fagin’ stereotype.
    Might as well do blackface.

  6. Rawcus

    Publicity stunt. He obviously has a new record coming out very very soon or a current one isn’t doing too well in comparison to his last few.