Samsung Music Hub is Shutting Down in Almost Every Country…

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Samsung’s Milk music service has been getting a lot of press recently, but did you know Samsung has two streaming services?

Samsung acquired mSpot about three years ago. They used mSpot’s technology to launch Music Hub, a multi-platform streaming service for Samsung phones. The service was available for $9.99 a month.

I had a Galaxy phone when Music Hub launched, and it wasn’t even on my radar.

I’m not surprised that Samsung is shutting Music Hub down in most of the world.

The company sent an email to users, informing them that the service will no longer be available come July, 2014. In a statement, Samsung said:

“In order to meet rapidly changing consumer needs, Samsung’s services will remain available as individual apps rather than in one, single bundled storefront.”

This means Samsung will be focusing on Milk.

Samsung has decided to keep the service alive in Australia. They say the Australian version was built separately, and is targeted for customers in that country.

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5 Responses

    • Willis

      True that. Something would actually have to start up in order to shut down.

  1. Casey

    I wouldn’t count on them focusing on Milk. Slacker only has licenses in two countries, the US and Canada. Samsung will either have to build a new backend for Milk or leave it like it is with limited availability.

  2. gnosis

    I’ve missed any recent buzz on MIlk. What else has been going on, besides the (linked) announcement of an upcoming premium service? I was prepared to dismiss it out-of-hand, but the interface is so fantastic that I find myself using it more than any other streaming broadcast service. (Of course, it weren’t already on my phone…I’m not sure I would have noticed).

  3. Larry

    I believe 7Digital was the back end for Samsung MusicHub.