Songkick vs. Bandsintown: Both Services Have 10 Million Users

Concert-tracking app Songkick has now reached 10 million unique monthly users.

Songkick says they’ve generated $100 million in revenue through their ticketing partnerships. They also say they’re on track toward $100 million in ticketing revenue in 2014 alone. Songkick’s partnerships include Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

60 percent of Songkick’s traffic comes from mobile users.

Just over a month ago, competitor Bandsintown announced that they passed the 10 million user mark. Songkick is reporting monthly active users, whereas Bandsintown is reporting total registered users.

Songkick and Bandsintown are extremely similar. I personally use both services interchangeably, and I discover concerts on both of them. However, is my main event tracker.


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12 Responses

  1. JMV

    Songkick sent me too many concerts that didn’t actually exist. Like I would see “Bjork” playing and it would really be a band that liked Bjork that wanted people to come to their show thinking Bjork was there or “AC/DC” but it would really be an AC/DC tribute band. And then they would send me notices about shows after they had sold out. Pretty shitty service if you ask me.

      • Randy

        Nina, It occasionally happens when ticketing companies send tribute band data to platforms like BIT and SK on and tag the original artist in their metadata. SK also allows fans to enter dates that are missing from their database while BIT doesn’t which in theory should mean a few more incorrect dates due to the wiki nature.

        • Nina Ulloa

          I’ve had that problem on Bandsintown, but not Songkick….

          I could be wrong, both platforms are so similar I can barely tell them apart.

    • Marek Majewski

      Similar to my experience. I saw a Scandinavian band called the Nomads advertised as playing in Los Angeles. The photo on Songkick was of this very same band. I travelled eighty-six miles to see the show, on a work night no less, only to discover it was another band of the same name playing entirely different genre of music.
      Then recently Sonkick tracked an artist I like, Morrissey. Thr App said that two bands were playing, Morrissey and Sweet and Tender Hooligans.
      Upon further research I discover that Morrissey is NOT playing at the time and venue indicated by Songkick, only the Morrissey tribute band, “Sweet and Tender Hooligans”.
      The App is very misleading in these two cases.
      Let the buyer beware. Do more research before you lay doen money for your favorite band.

  2. IndieSongADay

    I use both interchangeably as well. Neither is really groundbreaking and leave a lot to be desired. I can think of many features I’d like to see them incorporate. I was a big fan of Sonicliving until they merged with someone (forgetting who) a couple years ago and went stagnant, and then never developed a mobile app.

    There is still a LOT of room for someone to shake up this industry.

  3. Shane

    Spotify is integrating songkick into the band’s page. You can see the band’s upcoming tour dates near you, though I’ve noticed many times the alerts are shows about half way across the country. It’s nice because you end up finding shows to the bands you’re currently listening to.

  4. Todd

    Hi Nina,
    I have a very simple question for you, why do you use both services? Do you find that neither service is complete in their concert listings? or do you just prefer some features in both?

  5. Todd

    Hi Nina,
    Very simple question for you…. why do you use both services? Do you find that neither is complete in their concert listings or do you prefer features in both?

  6. Todd Cronin

    Nina, Simple question for you… why do you use both services? Do you find neither is complete in their concert listings or you prefer features in both?