Dr. Dre Once Attacked His Girlfriend So Violently, She Needed Plastic Surgery to Recover…

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Yes, this is the newest senior executive at Apple Computer.

In 1991, Dr. Dre (aka Andre Young) was successfully sued for violently attacking a defenseless woman in an LA nightclub (and then boasting about it afterwards).  But that wasn’t an isolated incident: according to Dr. Dre ex-girlfriend Michel’le Toussant (better known as just Michel’le), Dre repeatedly attacked her during their multi-year relationship.

She eventually required plastic surgery on her nose to repair damage from one particularly brutal incident.

Here’s a recent interview between Michel’le and Wendy Williams on R&B Divas LA, where the conversation turned to plastic surgery and Michel’le’s obviously worked-on nose.

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Michel’le: One of my boyfriends hit me and crooked it, so I had to try and straighten it and it took years because it cost a lot of money.

Wendy: One of your baby’s fathers broke your nose?

Michel’le: Absolutely.

Wendy: And you stayed?

Michel’le: I stayed because my father had never told me he loved me until just the last three years, so I think I had to go back and figure that out. It’s in my book, but getting beat was love to me. Believe it or not when I got with Suge [Knight] he really didn’t beat me. I asked him, ‘Why aren’t you beating me? You don’t like me?’ I asked him that.

Wendy: Well if it isn’t Suge, then the fingers are pointing at you Dr. Dre.

Michel’le: He knows it. It was very public. It was very, very public so that wasn’t a secret.

I did five videos and we had to cover three black eyes. It seemed like the day before a video, I would get a black eye and we had to cover it. I truly, truly, truly loved him, but it was okay and I truly thought he loved me.

I didn’t take it as anything bad, nor did I grow up seeing it in my household.  I finally realized that that wasn’t good, and believe it or not the person who helped me see that was Suge [Knight] who helped me see that it wasn’t a normal thing.

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53 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Well Paul, you’ve proved your point — and this is from one of the guys who criticized you the most for your recent Dre stories.

    You may be interested in a Tim Cook article New York Times ran yesterday. Here’s an exerpt:

    “Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, was an adolescent boy in a small Alabama town in the early 1970s when he saw something he couldn’t forget.

    Bicycling home on a new 10-speed, he passed a large cross in flames in front of a house — one that he knew belonged to a black family. Around the cross were Klansmen, dressed in white cloaks and hoods, chanting racial slurs. Mr. Cook heard glass break, maybe someone throwing something through a window. He yelled, “Stop!”

    One of the men lifted his conical hood, and Mr. Cook recognized a deacon from a local church (not Mr. Cook’s). Startled, he pedaled away.

    “This image was permanently imprinted in my brain, and it would change my life forever,” Mr. Cook said of the burning cross, in a speech he gave last December.

    In the speech, he said his new awareness made him feel that no matter what you do in life, human rights and dignity are values that need to be acted upon. And then came the segue: His company, Apple, is one that believed deeply in “advancing humanity.”

    Perhaps you should ask Mr. Cook how he intends to act upon this?

  2. Willie Stroker

    paul. stop the irrelevant slandering. you make yourself look petty, very jealous, and a bit racist. grow up, move on, and stick to actual digital music news. stop channeling so much of your energy into negativity, and focus on something productive & positive. think about it.

    • Yup

      You are probably one of those witch-hunters who are after Sterling for his private conversation but it’s OK that Andre shouldn’t be accountable because he’s black or a famous rapper? If you are black or a rapper or famous it is OK to beat up a woman? Then he’s on the public stage and he’s some kind of hero? Andre makes Sterling look like Albert Schweitzer. Andre is a public figure and he is fair game. He does not represent integrity in a position of responsibility. But then again, Nasa put a man on the moon under the primary guidance of a genuine NAZI scientist. :)

    • Paul Resnikoff

      The truth comes out, and oftentimes, it’s ugly. If you think this is fiction, then why not take a look at the Dee Barnes legal action against Andre Young, to which Young pled no contest? That is firm documentation, held by the courts, and publicly available for your review.

      I have a feeling there’s a lot more of this information relating to Andre Young, and I hope to discover it and report it. Maybe it will remain confined to the pages and discussions of Digital Music News, or maybe others will take notice, and take action.

      The strangest aspect of this, I’m realizing, is how we as a society treat the wealthiest and most famous of our members. In particular, the most famous: Dre is obviously an animal, but for some reason he receives a free pass time and time again. Just look at the comments sections of earlier articles to get an example of this. Even with court documentation proving that Dre violently attacked Dee Barnes with the assistance of his body guard (to fend of any male attackers, very important), the commenters were attacking ME, claiming I was jealous, negative, or worse.

      But if this were a small-time rapper, or some guy working a job, we’d call for his head.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          This has nothing to do with race; it is not racist. In fact, it is completely the opposite: I am holding Dr. Dre to the standard I would any other man, regardless of his race, ethnicity, or religion.

        • Minneapolis Musician

          Calling a black man who beats women an animal is “racist”?

          Oh, please.

          Do you even understand what “racist” means? Clearly not.

        • james

          I’m a black guy watching the movie surviving Compton. Dre is indeed a animal. He repeatedly beat women. I don’t care what color your skin, how rich you are a man should never hit a women.

          • Jim

            I dunno. In the same way that refusing to call a black man an “animal” for behavior that you’d call a white man an animal for is kind of racist, saying you should NEVER hit a woman is kind of sexist. What if she’s bigger than you and trying to kill you? What he she’s attacking you with a knife? Can’t hit a woman ever?

      • jonpaulerik

        ok. sopost a link to this legal action so we can review it.

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  3. Paul Resnikoff

    Funny how all the 100+ critics who were defending Dr. Dre earlier – and criticizing DMN – are somehow missing this time around.


    • Amen

      I’m with you, Paul.

      Forgiven = owned up to it. Tried to make it right. Made it right.

      Forgotten = Forgiven, with time passed.

      Dre is a coward that has never owned up to his past. If he wants it to be forgotten, he needs to do what it takes to be forgiven first. Then we can forget it.

      Until then, his blood is now on Apple’s sleeves..

      Violence against women is NOT ok. Period. Anyone else that rationalizes it on his behalf is not being honest.

      “It was in the past” – so why hasn’t he publicly admitted it and made it right?
      “He’s not the same person” – so why is he not distancing himself from the person he used to be?
      “Don’t deny a brother who makes good” – beating women is not a mean to an end that is justifiable, regardless of race.

      The only question here is why Tim Cook and company are validating him and holding him out to others in their organization as a leader. Business acumen was not an excuse for the Pharoahs, nor the slave owners of the south. Beating up people along the way is not OK. Apple needs to shed themselves of this hire immediately and move on, lest they become associated with this type of ladder-climbing rationalization at the great expense of others. Period.

    • There is something...

      Do you understand that nobody in the real world care about your dumbass vendetta against Apple and their streaming plans ? You’r nothing for Apple, just another failed musicien who made a website because he couldn’t make it in the music business… unlike Dre. You can scream all you want, Dre will always be 1000 times more successful than you, even if Apple let him go someday. Again, the millions of people who buy Beats products just don’t give a f… about you and what you think. Just live with it and start doing something really usefull.

      • Anonymous

        “the millions of people who buy Beats products just don’t give a f…”

        That’s what I thought at first. But Paul has provided documentation that nobody can ignore.

        I think these stories will hit mainstream media sooner rather than later, and Apple customers — especially women — won’t like them.

    • GGG

      Because there’s a difference between pointing out documented cases of violence and your initial two posts using lyrics. What you’re doing now is fine, and necessary, what you did the first two times was just dumb.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        The point of the initial posts was to raise the question of whether Dr. Dre’s lyrics were truly fantasy, or connected to reality. And, whether we should be so accepting towards them and the effects they may have on listeners.

        In more than 200 or so comments, readers excoriated me for not being able to tell the difference between a fictional character created by Andre Young, and reality. I don’t think I was having problems understanding the difference conceptually, however, the point now is that there doesn’t seem to be such a divide.

        Because if Andre Young created a character, he’s one damn good method actor.

    • jonpaulerik

      i guess i am tired of seeing dr. dre’s much reported history dragged out for the billionth time on dmn. why no articles about tim cook’s house?(really dude?) the reason these tireless rants appear racist is that it is clearly the white guy finding value in dr. dre’s brand and you seem not to want to touch that with a ten foot pole. it is tim cook and a zillion white kids before him that put beats audio on the map. if you want a villain for your piece, look no further than the guy who made dr. dre a billionaire. and when you finally get around to shaming white people for their larger part in this type of “scandal,” you can maybe write a little something about bieber’s holdings in spotify (or are you ok with “that time bieber allegedly cut up a bunch of black people with a chainsaw?”) then next, you might explain your “long-suffering” loyalty to the offensively-named redskins (i assure you more native americans where harmed than ex-girfriends of dr. dre!) oh, and please tell us why you were comfortable working at sony (plenty of offensive rap music and criminal activity there, bro…)

      you are free to dislike dr. dre and his violent history and you do not have to accept that he did his community service, paid his fines and settled with his victims. but if you have a problem with where he is now employed then that is an issue you have to take up with tim cook and i can’t help thinking if tim cook were black, you would be writing a shit ton about how awful he is too. if i detected even a half-assed attempt at responsible journalism, this might be interesting to read. you have sourced a puff piece in rolling stone and wendy williams! (clearly the dan rather of trash tv…) you can’t do better than that?! there are clips on youtube of dee barnes’s interview with ice cube on fox’s “pump it up!” (though your site said she worked for mtv. accuracy matters…) there are also eyewitness accounts, court documents and a curious bit of “link redirection” from stories about the nightclub assault to the beats audio website! why not look into those bits of actual digital music news?

      if you stopped being the chicken little of benghazi, you might find yourself capable of a well-researched argument that validates your reasonable point about rewarding abusive people. but the real atrocity, twenty years on, is not just that dr. dre, for the most part, got away with something terrible but that tim cook has made an already extraordinarily wealthy man into a filthy rich one. and might i point out that tim cook (not dr. dre himself) made the choice to give him that corner office with a view over which you seem so obsessed. if it makes you feel any better, the new design for apple’s headquarters looks to be corner-free…

      i’m not seeing any dmn rants about how kids are wearing misogyny-friendly beats audio headphones. no mention of dr. dre’s well-documented violent past in articles about beats music streaming. i’m relatively new to – but not long for – this site but i don’t recall seeing any complaints about the horrible doctor’s beats being all over hp laptops. are you unfamiliar with acquisitions in the tech industry? ANYONE could have seen a buyout in the works. not a peep out of dmn. so why the sudden interest with apple? what is the rationale for you digital outrage tipping point? for your story to have weight you have to have credibility, honesty and be willing to own and explain your agenda – warts and all. you appear so lazy and sloppy in your efforts that you have people rooting for a man who beat up several women! you have inadvertently made the story about you! that is a huge failure and a disservice to those who have been abused. surely you know of a capable writer somewhere!

      geez, paul… think like a journalist or even an advocate for the victims. if you truly think one shitty hire (and revenues would greatly challenge that assessment) is going to bring apple down, you probably have no business writing about digital music news. if you want to have an impact, at least do a well-researched piece rather than selectively linking tidbits from around the web that support your cause (i could give you a thousand links justifying hitler – or justifying the insulting of native-americans, but i digress…) there is a case to be made against tolerating abuse and the best case you could make is against tim cook. that you choose not to, weakens your argument substantially and calls into question your true motives. look at the comments so far. in a way, your casual dismissal of what your readers have to say is as offensive as tim cook’s dismissal of dr. dre’s troubling history. the guy screaming, “pay attention!” might want to consider paying attention to the comments on his own website. just saying…

      these rants are tedious, counter-productive and if it were of any value whatsoever, you would find your reward in the so desperately sought after clicks you seem to crave. your site is no longer enjoyable. you keep tossing out the same lame non-story with such thin updates i am beginning to think it’s you who is dr. dre’s jilted lover! you are getting nowhere trotting out all the horrible shit a rapper has done (in case you never have listened to rap, these guys do just fine telling these disturbing stories themselves and they get paid handsomely to do so. are you familiar with dr. dre?) so please give it a rest until you can write something worthy of the people who have respected your intelligence. or get therapy. we’ll wait…

    • jonpaulerik

      i clicked on that wendy williams link and michel’le does not directly claim dr. dre hit her as the dmn article suggests (he probably did but we all know what happens when dr. dre thinks he’s been dissed in an interview. so maybe you should think twice about helping out, paul…) anyway like just about every thing i have read in dmn about these very old, well-documented stories, there is a lot more going on that dmn feels comfortable omitting – even if it partially substantiates their claim. no room for the whole truth?

      i did not know, for instance, that at 14 michel’le was hit in the nose with a football and tried to fix the severe damage herself since her family was too poor for reconstructive surgery. she also claims that she was smacked around by a few boyfriends which further damaged what work she could finally afford to have done. initially, she very sadly makes light of these assaults but later trots them out as high drama for the season finale of her reality show. none of that justifies the abuse she suffered but in that context, omitting these points kind of damages the integrity of paul’s reporting on the topic. i get the feeling he has done zero research so here is michel’le – in her own words – about her messed up nose and subsequent surgeries. i can’t help noting that twisting a woman’s words and hurling them at a man with a well known history of violence towards women is really kind of abusive in its own right… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aePeW3kLW60

    • jonpaulerik

      those crickets you hear are a direct result of your readership declining…

  4. Londonmusicmapp

    Beating women it is totally wrong and completely unacceptable, when it happened is irrelevant and the fact that it appears to have been habitual is of concern. Being rich and successful is not an excuse, at least not in any civilised society or culture.

    On a more perplexing note Beats headphones use sub standard technology… would Mr Jobs have done the deal, doubtful, I would like to think he would have taken a look at Beats laughed and then assigned a team, to designed a superior product.

    Iovine & Dre both did really creative things in music, both as musicians and as executives, both have successfully cashed in and moved to a company which in no small part accelerated the dawn of a new music age where artists get paid very little for their creativity.

  5. Versus

    Time to let Dre go, Apple.

    Even Steve Jobs, not exactly a model of noble behavior towards women, would know better.

  6. Willis

    It’s only domestic violence…and it’s Dre, I mean cmon. Just let the past stay in the past. Kidding. This guy, whoever he is, needs to go.

  7. R.P.

    “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:6-8

    Paul, you resemble a pervert, so I doubt you are without sin. Please continue to report on music news that matters and allows us as an industry to move forward rather than looking back. Look back into your own past because maybe there is something you are trying to get off of your own chest. Just a suggestion. I don’t care about you enough to attack you, but I do appreciate the 1 or 2 relevant articles a month that you do post, and as a repeat customer to your site, I would love it if you projected more positivity about relevant music industry news and business and leave this stuff for the tabloids like the NY Post. Again, just a suggestion. In the end this is your platform to do with what you wish, and it is also my right to simply stop coming here, which I’d rather not do because I do like to read some of the funny comments and banter that happens.

    Apologies for my rant, but at some point we have to try to save the little pieces of the things we do like.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I’m not a religious person, so you’re wasting your Biblical excerpts on me. Even so, it would be ridiculous to think that I’ve never done anything bad in my life, and there are plenty of things that I certainly regret doing (or not doing). That’s called living a life.

      Either way, I wholeheartedly disagree with the premise of that Biblical excerpt, which states that I cannot criticize another if I have done something bad myself. That’s ridiculous logic.

  8. ww

    damn, who new suge knight was the good guy at death row?

  9. Chris H

    Is Dr. Dre doing this currently? Is there legal action against him? If not, there is not a reason to even bring this up unless you just have a problem with him. Apple hiring “Known x, y, or z’s”. By that definition, nobody would qualify for anything. Most Fortune 500 CEO’s would not pass the fidelty test or even a random drug test is my guess.

    Nobody is saying anything he did previously was “right”. But unless he is on the Apple campus smacking up bitches and degrading women NWA style, then you are way out of line and it reeks of something else, although I’m not going to guess your motivations. I believe in rehabilitation. If there hasn’t been a case on the guy in almost two decades, maybe you can let up to. Johnny Cash would be dissapointed in you.

  10. dhenn

    Keep up the good work Paul. I don’t envy you having to deal with so many idiots all the time.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Ha, I don’t think of it like that. If I didn’t want to hear any dissension or criticism, I’d shut down the comments section. Maybe I’m changing some minds, perhaps the silence in this thread (30-something comments instead of 130-something comments, that is) says something. I don’t see as many people defending Andre Young anymore, perhaps they’ve reconsidered.

      • DeezNizzuhh

        Yeah, maybe, maybe not… I’m sure YOU’LL never really know.

        I’m not for abuse towards women, but I also don’t believe in lifelong condemnation. That’s what’s sick and cancerous about this country’s mentality. Prison is meant for punishment, not rehabilitation. I could understand if Dre was currently in the news for domestic abuse, but you’re digging up stuff that happened 25 years ago. But in your mind, he can’t be rehabilitated. He isn’t deserving of a position of such “high” stature. After all, he didn’t go through the Harvard/Silicon Valley pipeline (neo-good ol’ boy network) to get there… which I believe is your true agenda, attacking Dre’s credibility out of spite. Plus, shh…he’s black. I further believe it because you’re letting your feelings overshadow your judgement in adherence to the Bernays PR Rule no.1 — “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

        Personally, I just think it’s a situation of the chickens coming home to roost. Because if you REALLY wanna talk about digging up the past of the business leaders of THIS COUNTRY??? Now there’s a group of fellows that’ll make Dre’s indiscretions look as harmless as jaywalking.

        You remind me of Bill O’reilly right now is what I’m saying to you Paul. ;-) Ha! Bill O’Reilly! Speaking of abuse towards women…

    • Minneapolis Musician

      Now that he’s a billionaire, Dre can do a lot more to atone for his past than $5,000 tips. Though that is a start.

      How about funding women’s shelters and anti-violence counseling/training programs for a 100 million or so?

  11. Funkylikefarts

    There are more criminals in congress! How about we not focus so much on the people that entertain us..and focus on the crime committed by the people that govern us!

  12. Andre Martian Frederick

    I think this is the reason the NFL banned Beats by Dre headphones and signed with Bose. As someone I know asked, “How many people turned in their Ray Rice Jersey but still own Beats by Dre Headphones?”

  13. Weary

    Personally, when I hear that a woman has gone from abusive relationship to abusive relationship over and over, time and time again, i suspect she’s partly to blame. Surely by the time you’re being abused by the seventh bloke in a row it’s time to accept some personal responsibility? There’s a good chance she’s the kind of person who, when in an argument, does EVERYTHING they can think off to make the man lose his temper and lash out – just so they can claim some moral highground and tell their friends “look, I’m a poor blameless victim again… for the 30th time in two years… I guess I’m just unlucky”. No, you’re annoying and you know it.

  14. Bronco Bama

    Witch dr. dre is an animal the way he abuses woman. I would NEVER buy nor want to own his OVER-PRICED piece of crap made in china headphones!!!!!! He can go stick them where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

  15. nunya

    You are not a racist for stating the obvious. Apple needs to take a stand against domestic violence. Apple does not need to tarnish it’s good reputation by allowing a known abuser to sit on it’s board.

  16. mike

    I think Michelle’ was covering up what really happened to her in her interview with Don Cornelius on Soul Train…I think she was too afraid to publicize her domestic issues when asked by Don about her voice…This is a real man? I think not…I will boycott listening to anything else by Dr. Coward

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