SoundCloud Is Working on a Way to Pay People…

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SoundCloud has gone through a lot of recent changes. Now, SoundCloud has released a new version of their iPhone app that focuses on the user listening experience.

This latest update completely removes the ability to record and upload through the app.

If you need to upload to SoundCloud on the go, some third party apps still offer the feature.

The iPhone app centers around two things:  The music feed, displaying tracks from followed artists, and trending tracks in various genres.

SoundCloud’s co-founder and CTO, Eric Wahlforss, has also told various outlets that SoundCloud is considering a new payout approach.

He says that accounts with millions of followers and listeners can expect some type of future monetization.

Wahlforss says it will seamlessly fit into the user experience, but he can’t go into detail about it yet.

9 Responses

  1. SZshay

    Interesting… way to remix the sentences in the Spin Magazine article http:// articles/soundcloud-pay-artists-royalties-advertising/

  2. SZshay

    Interesting … way to remix the sentences in the Spin Mag article just published 😉

  3. Adam L.

    Not sure if it’s public knowledge yet but SoundCloud is actively filling out an east coast and west coast ad sales team. It remains to be seen what the ad product will be, and what (or if at all) it will look like.

  4. rella

    the new app is the most disappointing update I’ve ever witnessed. It makes me wonder if any of the designers ever actually use the damn thing. look at their post on the soundcloud facebook announcing the changes and you’ll see that all the regular users are begging for them to change it back.

  5. samantha

    Cant open my account here in my laptop. Cant find the soundcloud -_-