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Soundrop is one of the most prominent Spotify apps, and is also now available through Deezer. Soundrop provides artists with a unique way to engage with their fans and allows listeners to collaborate on playlists.

Now, Soundrop is expanding with, a standalone marketing tool. allows artists and their teams to easily create and design webpages or widgets for a variety of platforms, including web, tablet, mobile, and Twitter.

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Audio can be uploaded, or pulled in from SoundCloud or YouTube, and can be restricted by date and location.

Links to various sites and online music stores can be added into the campaign. Information from other platforms can be integrated as well, such as tour dates from Songkick, Facebook like buttons, and email sign ups. includes analytics, but Google Analytics can be added to campaigns for more in-depth information. Retargeting pixels can be added as well.

Jørn Haanæs, Soundrop’s CEO, says:

“We looked at the pain points artists and labels face when trying to promote a new track, expand existing fan bases or strengthen the fan relationships that ultimately lead to revenue. Then we built a tool to solve those problems. We want to help artists and labels achieve results that deliver real value and create a positive impact.”

Each account comes with a 14 day trial, after that plans range from $19 to $599 a month.


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