See How Phuture Doom Hit One Million Downloads in Two Weeks…

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Last month, BitTorrent Bundles hit 100 million downloads and streams. About one percent of that number came from one artist in particular, Phuture Doom.

Phuture Doom is an electronic artist signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label, a progressive label with forward-thinking artists.

Phuture Doom’s latest project was released via a BitTorrent Bundle named Disk0 on June 11th. Within two weeks the bundle hit one million downloads.

As of July 8th, the bundle has been downloaded 1,015,920 times.

How did an artist with less than 14,000 Facebook followers achieve this? Phuture Doom created an experience, that’s how.

Disk0 is more than just music, it is supposedly the first bundle to contain an augmented reality game. This is the first chapter in an ongoing narrative, and more releases will follow.

Disk0 asks players to decide the fate of a “secret software project”. The story also extends to Reddit, the BitTorrent blog, and an interactive website.

The bundle contains an EP, documents, a short film, WAV files for remixing, and more. Passwords are hidden in the WAV files. These passwords can be entered into the interactive website to unlock more content.


Phuture Doom has used BitTorrent technology effectively. Many artists drop tracks into a file, zip it, and upload it for the public. Phuture Doom created an interactive experience based on their vision, and released it in the most appropriate manner.

This approach paid off, as the bundle has far exceeded expectations. The bundle may be free, but it has been consumed by a large number of people and has generated awareness for the artist.


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5 Responses

  1. Steve

    a progressive label with forward-thinking artists.

    lol. it’s just a boring label with stupid edm producers!

    • GGG

      Yea…boring label with dude who can probably command 5 figures a gig now.

      • Nina Ulloa

        Yeah, I don’t even listen to skrillex or most OWSLA artists ( I do however listen to a lot of releases through Nest HQ), but I definitely appreciate their vision and work ethic.

    • and where's the money?

      and, where’s the money exactly from all these millions of downloads? oh… t-shirts and touring… right…