Here’s How You Can Join the Fair Digital Deals Declaration Campaign…

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Today, July 16th, is Worldwide Declaration Signing Day for WIN’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration.  Yesterday we reported that WIN launched the declaration so indie labels will pledge “to treat their artists fairly in agreements relating to digital exploitation of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties“.  This follows lengthy disagreements with YouTube over streaming terms for indie labels.

Yesterday, around 600 labels and organizations had signed the declaration; today the number is closer to 750.  Many of these organizations are hosting signing parties, such as the SC Distribution party pictured above.  Even Spotify has voiced their support.

The full declaration and Global Independent Manifesto is posted below. If you represent a label and are interested in pledging, print the document, sign it, and email it to

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8 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    Yes, the music business is broken and only you, the artist, can fix it. You start by believing what you create has value and you refuse to take a bad deal. Because until you tell them no, they will continue to abuse you.

    • Anonymous

      “You start by believing what you create has value and you refuse to take a bad deal”

      Yes — content is king!

      YouTube, Spotify, etc. are dead without it.

    • FarePlay

      Talk about a litmus test. This is kind of a big deal, something that is really important for all the artists who have let the masters of disruption get their way. YouTube finally ignited the spark.

      Fascinating how most of the posters on DMN have chosen to pass in the hope that this will just go away. Or will they come and talk about how potentially destructive this is for the future of streaming.

      I wrote the following over a year ago:

      “When artists step forward and share personal stories about a digital revolution that has marginalized the value of their work and made it nearly impossible to earn a living, only then will the audience begin to understand the importance of their support.

      A reasonable request, given the inspiration and joy that artists bring to peoples lives and the hypocrisy of singling out artists as unworthy of our support.

      After all, artists are only asking the audience and technology to hold up their end of the bargain; give something back of equal value in exchange for an artist’s work.”

      Sincerely, Will Buckley, Founder FarePlay

  2. Willis

    The problem with telling them “no” is that there are thousands of wanna-be artists lining up to get their chance, and they will tell them “yes” to get that chance.

    • FarePlay

      Willis we are fortunate that the history of our country wasn’t dominated by this kind of thinking. We’d still be British citizens and black people would have separate transportation and bathrooms. Artists are no different than any other worker in this country. Even uneducated, dirt poor immigrants who risked deportation along with losing their jobs did what they had to do to make things better.

      So you can either roll over and take it or stand up for yourself. I guess I know your answer.

  3. Dan

    If WIN think by putting out this meaningless document with the really vague terms therein is a big deal then it shows you how tin pot an organisation they really are

  4. TuneHunter

    Hey WIN,
    You have to get NEW FAIR USE ACT to lock the music in virtual walls.

    For that you need politically connected old stars and current mega stars – unfortunately both are well fed by current “hunger games”. They are under catch 22 and have no urgency to change the situation. High live income and relatively high pay from new industry rulers keeps most away from critical music issues.

    We need them, we probably need Oprah then Obama to push Google legal eagles and the industry to sanity.

    We can have $100B dollar music industry by 2020 with all parties including Google Monk scoring BIG WIN!