Facebook Releases an App so Famous People Can Interact with Their Fans…

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Artists have been asking Facebook why they have to pay to reach their existing fan base. Now, Facebook is giving artists a new set of tools to interact with their fans… if you’re famous enough to have a verified page.

Facebook has released a Facebook Mentions app for iOS. They say it is “a new app for actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers to discover and join conversations on Facebook“.

Public figures can use the app to see what their fans are saying about them. There is a feed that displays updates from followed pages, a list of trending topics, and a notification section that displays mentions from other top influencers.

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Verified pages can share photos, videos, updates, and host live Q&As through the app.

Admins of verified pages can request access through Facebook’s Mentions page, or can download the app to request access.


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4 Responses

  1. Debbie Stanley

    This is awesome, except the process for requesting access requires the page admin to submit a photo of the public figure’s government-issued ID. That’s quite intrusive. Obviously there are other ways to verify the applicant’s legitimacy. I hope Facebook changes this because we would love to use it, but not at the expense of personal privacy.

  2. Ray

    Facebook released an app a while back to do this very thing. It’s called Facebook. Unfortunately, they ruined it so now they have to try to figure something else out.

  3. Mojo

    Great. Facebook is promoting a tier to separate the haves from the have nots, giving away for free to celebrities what they charge hopefuls for. Post away, but nobody sees, until you pay. Adding insult to injury, here.