Ian Watkins’ Appeal Declined; Lawyer Says Sexually Abusing Children Is “Not the Worst”…

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Ian Watkins, the former singer of Lostprophets, has had his appeal for a shorter prison sentence declined. Watkins received a sentence of 29 years in prison and a six year extended license for sexually abusing children, the attempted rape of a baby, and creating and possessing child pornography.

A mother of one of the children Watkins abused also submitted an appeal. Her appeal was denied, and she will be serving her 17 year prison sentence. A third woman, sentenced to 14 years, did not appeal.

In his appeal, Watkins’ lawyer said the sentence he received was too harsh and his offences were “not the worst that can happen“.

Appeal judge Christopher Pitchford responded:

“These were offences against infant children of such shocking depravity that a very lengthy sentence of imprisonment was demanded, not withstanding the absence of physical injury. It is not demonstrated that the total sentence of 29 years together with the extended licence period was arguably manifestly excessive. Accordingly, the application in his case is refused”.

During the original trial, Watkins said his offenses were “lolz”.

Seven police officers were served with gross misconduct notices for the mishandling of the case. Police received complaints about Watkins in 2008, but did not take action until a drug tipoff in 2012.


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Image: ‘Ian Watkins‘ by CoconutFireworks; licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

6 Responses

  1. Borat

    if the accused was a female teacher we all know how easy the courts will go on her

    • Nina Ulloa

      if a female teacher raped a ton of babies the court would go easy on her?

    • hippydog

      Then you need to learn to read..
      There was a recent case and they did NOT go “easy”

      have fun trolling though

  2. rikki

    not withstanding the absence of physical injury. So he has a tiny wiener….

  3. Anonymous

    The fact that police received complaints about Watkins in 2008, did nothing and then eventually acted swiftly on a drug tip off is a sad indictment on where we place our priorities, how we train law enforcement officers and how the resources for law enforcement are distributed in our world.
    The resources dedicated to the so called “war on drugs” may be better spent investigating every report or complaint about potential child abuse or any domestic violence for that matter. Perhaps there would be less violent crime and drug abuse if such a reordering of priorities occurred.