Senator Gets Involved After US Airways Kicks Musicians Off a Flight…

Last week, the members of Deer Tick were kicked off a US Airways flight because they refused to check a guitar.


Now, the shit’s going down.

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…and be sure to read this: “The Next Time an Airline Makes You Check Your Guitar, Show Them THIS…

30 Responses

  1. edmlover

    first of all: fuck guys with guitars!

    second: nobody wants your fucking guitar in the cabin! put them in a bag and go the baggage-drop!!!!

    • GGG

      Actually, seeing as the avg flight as 0 guitars, there is usually room for more than one in the closets. I have done this, and been with people who have done this, probably over 20 times. So your perfect life does not have to be inconvenienced, don’t worry.

    • fastdavie

      edmlover you are a sad individual, get a life cunt

    • CBM Records

      Pretty rude. If you own a guitar, like I do, then you’d know how much its safety and treatment is the cornerstone of your livelihood. We have had and seen hundreds of cases, some very well known artists, where instruments were checked and destroyed. Very expensive collector item guitars I might add. You would know this if you weren’t likely some loser pissed off because a musician took his girlfriend, if you have ever even had one. It’s pretty easy to sit behind that computer screen with your little keyboard saying fuck this and fuck that isn’t it little guy?

    • rick

      edmlover hates guitars, becuase they remind the edm crowd that they’re not actual musicians.

    • guitars

      fuck EDM. This will be a footnote in the history of music. Shove your laptop up your ass.

  2. The Liberian

    It was very interesting to read about your hardships and travails getting your guitar onto an airplane. I have not experienced this problem on the 27-hour bus ride from my village to the nearest theater.

  3. Leo Skye

    I’m sure it’s annoying Edmlover but do you see how they handle the baggage on planes? Toss it like it’s a sack of potatoes and if they drop it nobody cares. I wouldn’t want folks dropping the guitar
    I worked oh so hard to get.

  4. I got an idea

    Maybe the top Google executives can lend their private jets to transport musicians.

    The fuel for their jets was, until recently, paid by the DoD. No kidding, go search it…!

  5. Lisa Sefine Tagaloa

    WOOHOO – Big ups to the Senator and Deer Tick and EVERYBODY adding to the awesomeness.
    Progress … YUSS :)

  6. Rus W

    This is unfortunate and not all musos have their own jets, contrary to popular belief! This is no different than a plumbers tools or surgeons scalpel its simply how they make a living and congrats to Senator Reed for helping!

    • Jeff Robinson

      Shameful for a Senator to get involved with unsigned, unenforced legislation in such an obvious way. It sort of underlines how ineffective they are in Washington, D.C., no?

  7. DNog

    I see the artist side in this article to a degree. If it’s your first time traveling like this and don’t know any better than it’s easy to see the artist side. However, as one who has traveled many times via air and gone through the experience of having gear broken through baggage claim there are ways to avoid it. They make road cases built to handle these kind of things. There is also no guarantee that there will be room in a closet on a plane as many are packed full or even overbooked. The only argument I can see the musician making is the possibility of a lost item but majority of the time if you have a professionally made, reinforced case that is marked well and arrive to your flight in good time there is no issue. I know Deer Tick has been around for a while, I’m actually a fan and i think he made the right choice going AmTrak with his situation, as his case was probably not built for the kind of treatment. However, if you are in a group with more than one guitar sized instrument traveling this way it’s a good idea to look into the checking method. Especially if you are doing anything international.

  8. danwriter

    Aside from the fact that you cannot get to or from Nashville via Amtrack, now maybe the senator can actually pay attention to his work in Congress?

  9. Willis

    Why is this news? Musicians having problems while traveling with instruments is nothing new. There are ways to deal with this, and tips for musicians many places.

  10. Maurice

    EDMlover wake the hell up, many Electronic artists use guitars in the music they produce. They have the same worries about their instruments, stupid!

  11. Edm lover 2

    Get a case. Check it. If your guitar means so much, its probably not safe in the cabin either.

      • Willis

        Agreed. Exactly how is a guitar not safe in the cabin? I’ve seen many guitars damaged when checked, and none when carried on.

  12. A

    There are reasons why musicians don’t check instruments, especially stringed ones. Pressure, air temperature, and of course ‘United Breaks Guitars.’

    • DNog

      All easily avoidable. Get a legit road case for your guitar that is built to handle that kind of treatment. Loosen or take off your strings before traveling. Problems solved.

  13. Monkee

    EDMLOVER Fu&k people that like EDM, god forbid one of those DJ’s was asked to put his equpitment in the baggage hold. EDM is simply beats that really require almost no skill unless they add in other artists playing live real instruments, while guitars are classic have made music the whole world has laughed and cried to. It dosen’t matter the size of the band, whether it be Deertick which is a great band or Bob Dylan, those guitars are their lifelines, their heart and we should be protecting those.

    Airlines are the worst, they need to understand how much damage gets done to the luggage. Every time without fail if I check a bag, it comes back with more scratches and dings, sometimes missing parts or gets lost, and I’d hate that for my guitar. Please get a new view on music, there isn’t one category that dosen’t exist without all the others.

  14. Versus

    I’m sympathetic to musical instrument owners and their concerns regarding fragility. However, we must also realize that when airlines make an exception for one person, then others will clamor for the same treatment, which is impossible to grant. For example, I’d love to put my drums and keyboards in the flight cabin, but I doubt the airline staff will honor my “demand”.

    You can always try your luck and hope that the staff do you a favor, but it is a favor, not an obligation. Best to invest in industrial strength flight cases.

  15. TED

    I have travelled a lot for shows and most times the plane tickets are STD. In Europe you normally have to pay for the guitar or check it in. I never had any issue during my flights in EU and the airlines have gone out of their way to assist me for shows. I hope the climate in the US gets better and Musicians can bring their instrument safe during their travels.