The Mother of All Indie Music Conferences is Happening This Week

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For those of you not in the know, a music conference; which is much different from a festival, is a great place for an independent artist to make viable contacts.  And, learn from seasoned professionals about the current business practices and trends that steer this tumultuous landscape that we all call “the industry”.

If you are an emerging artist, and especially if you are one who has never attended a conference before, you need to get your ass down to North Hollywood this week, and take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities that The Indie Entertainment Summit has to offer.

This week, beginning on Wednesday August 6th, marks the start of the Indie Entertainment Summit which will be headquartered in the booming NoHo arts district and will last through next weekend.

The IES, founded by Jay Warsinske of, is now in its third year and has established itself as the most important global platform for the independent entertainment community that exists today.

With more than 80 major seminars led by over 100 music industry heavyweights, and guest appearances by platinum selling and Grammy award winning legends, this fest will provide you an up to the minute look at what is really happening across multiple sectors of the music and entertainment industry.

In addition to all of the seminars, 1 on 1 meetings, and the possibility of winning a performance slot on the upcoming Warped Tour 15, there is also a special event honoring the trailblazers in the music industry.

This year’s IES Honorees include; Miles Davis, Little Richard, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, Nirvana, Metallica, Motorhead, Iggy & The Stooges, Green Day and many more.

One lucky breakout artist will also have the opportunity of being selected as the IES Breakout Artist of The Year and will win the IES Mega Package: a prize package created to promote growth and success opportunities for independent artists, containing gear and services valued at $100,000.00.

The IES Case Study Of A Success Story will study & dissect the meteoric indie success of TECH N9NE and his label, Strange Music.

Other panels are scheduled daily between 10:00am and 6:00pm, and are chaired by well-known industry professionals who will be covering a vast majority of topics such as:

Production, A&R and Record Deals, Scoring for Film, TV, Games and Commercials, Building a Winning Team, Music Publishing, Digital and Physical Distribution, International Markets, Sampling, Licensing and Clearances, Maximizing Social Media, Obtaining Endorsements, Music Placements and Sync Licensing, Writing Hit Songs, Generating Revenue Streams, Getting Press and Giving Interviews, Getting Radio Play, Enhancing Your Live Performances, Booking Your Own Tours, Raising Capital, Mastering, Building Up Your Label or Company, and more.

Throughout the week, 1 on 1 artist mentoring sessions will be held, enabling emerging artists the ability to get a more focused diagnostic of their situation, and give them the ability to ask the specific questions that they need the answers to.

The daytime programming provides a comprehensive music industry education for industry newcomers and veterans alike, and is just the predecessor to the evenings slew of live music entertainment from the rising stars of today’s independent market.

Saturday will include workshops every hour on the hour including one chaired by myself, focusing on the developmental content of my book: The Music Industry Self Help Guide.

Sunday is a bonus day that features the world premiere of the movie “Inside Metal” starring Metallica, Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Quiet Riot, Dokken and more. This will be topped of with a Gear and Tech Expo which will be an all-day event, free to the public & the entire creative community.

IES Founder/CEO & 40+ year industry veteran Jay Warsinske states

“IES has created the greatest opportunity in the industry today for attendees to plug into the true cutting edge of the industry, learn from the leaders, make amazing connections, be inspired by legendary trailblazers, & show the world what you got – all for a fraction of the price of other conferences, get more, pay less & explode your career with knowledge & connects galore!”

I have been attending conferences across the country for the last several years, and each has proven to be a productive experience for me in some aspect. If you are in this game and want to obtain an edge in your market, I highly recommend you attend this massive platform for education and networking.

For registering & more information log in to the official IES site & call the IES Office direct at 818-505-9537. Email IES at :

Performance slots for artists are still available.

Photo compliments of Clarita – Morguefile freephotos.

47 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah well, more talk.

    Get your a$$es together and start a YouTube alternative if you actually want to do something.

  2. John Matarazzo

    This piece sounds more like an ad than a news piece. Given the fact that it’s on a “news” site, it makes
    me wonder?!?!?!

    • Willis

      Exactly. This is not news. It is a promotion for the conference which has seen little light of day advertising. From the line-up and schedule, it appears to be a re-hash of conferences gone by. No thanks. I’ll spend my time writing songs and improving my craft. This is a terrible attempted cash grab.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Let the man write an article in peace! If Mike likes something, he should be able to write about that, whether it’s a company, app, idea, festival, or conference! IES is not paying DMN, but even if they were paying DMN, Mike should be able to write his opinions with total freedom.

        Thank you.


    • Anonymous

      “This piece sounds more like an ad than a news piece”

      Yes, it’s an ad for his book, link and all…

      • Mike Repel

        Hey, yes I put it in there.
        Perhaps when you come out of darkness and provide solutions or advice for the generation behind you, then I may do a piece on you, complete with a link as well.

        Indie artists may need what you may have to offer, because nothing will change around them until things change within them, it starts with what they know, not what they have come to believe, so yeah, I provided a link to the book.

        • Anonymous

          “Hey, yes I put it [book link] in there”

          No, you didn’t — you built a story around it.

          But take it easy, it’s not a crime. Most ‘guest writers’ are here to sell their carrots…

        • Anonymous

          I would suggest it actually starts with who they know.

          While knowledge is power, you can’t do anything with that power without knowing the right people.

          Life always has been and always will be mostly about who you know, especially for anyone not born into the right circles or family or class, hard work and results alone are not prerequisites to anything anymore, but who you know, that can get you where you need to be or at least provide opportunities or open doors or windows that are normally locked and boarded up for most of us mere mortals, and that’s what really matters.

          A conference is a great place to schmooze! I don’t normally like the info they spread, but schmooze schmooze schmooze schmooze and you might get ahead. So bring a pad of paper, but instead of taking notes on the talks, take down names and numbers and email addresses and just network all over the place with a can do attitude and a what can I do for you type persona, and you’ll be good as gold.

          Music is just a side thing that doesn’t matter very much, just get it adequate and then schmooze schmooze schmooze. They likely already have all the winners set up and everything, so get there and schmooze till you drop and maybe next year you can be the one.

          • Anonymous

            “Music is just a side thing that doesn’t matter very much”

            Perhaps you should find another blog to spam, then?

          • GGG

            You remind me of Karl Pilkington. You are incapable of grasping larger points, and always focus on single lines and take them as literally as possible. It’s very bizarre.

          • Anonymous

            What does that have to do with anything?

            Who is spamming?

            I get that the truth hurts, but mediocre music and incredible schmoozing will get you leaps and bounds ahead of someone with incredible music and mediocre schmoozing. I didn’t write the rules, don’t hate the player hate the game.

            The difference between you and i, is I am trying to actually help people, by providing information based on experience so that they do not make the same mistakes I have made, and guess what? I ain’t even charging for it, so yeah, I’m the bad guy, the consummate bad guy, I get it.

    • GGG

      Advertising for an indie music conference on a website that, for all intents and purposes, aims to help indie artists? The horror!!

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you think it would be just a bit more believable without the link to his book? 🙂

        • GGG

          Not really. I read the story as

          Guy pitching thing that’s happening
          Guy tells what thing is
          guy sells conference, tells why you should go
          guy tells some “special” stuff that will happen
          Oh, guy wrote a book, there’s one sentence
          Back on selling the conference

          There’s anything to complain about it’s about selling the conference, but again, that’s the whole point. Plus since it’s supposed to help indie artists and that’s what everyone on here cares about, one sentence shouldn’t ruin your day.

          • Anonymous

            “Not really”

            lol, don’t you live in NYC? How many times have you bought 59th Street Bridge? 🙂

          • GGG

            I mean, he’s already selling the conference…it’s not like it was trying to be anything else to begin with. I think you’re just jealous you haven’t written a book. Or maybe shuffling along as an unwanted songwriter for 30 years hasn’t given you enough clout to write one.

          • GGG

            Don’t conflate me calling out your bullshit with me defending something/someone.

        • Anonymous


          How are you type of people proposing anyone makes any sort of living?

          Guy can’t even promote his book.

          I’m telling you, the more and more time you spend in these things, you realize the best play is to sell out to the big players, fuck it, dealing with you assholes is sheer suicide!

          Guy can’t even promote a book without getting slaughtered.

          Major labels and Major publishers, no matter how much dirt they do, win again and again, cause at least they still pony up some resources and focus on making some fucking money.

          All yall assholes seem to want everyone to be homeless, terrible.

  3. Mike Repel

    If any of you are making a positive effort to do something for emerging musicians please feel free to share.

    • Anonymous

      In case you haven’t noticed, the main problem for indies in 2014 is that YouTube tries to screw us.

      If you take a look at the comment sections of this site, you’ll notice that somebody’s trying to solve the problem. And not by talking, I might add.

      Please let us know if your conference is achieving anything as useful as that.

      • Mike Repel

        OK “Anonymous,” You appear to be criticizing more than you are offering solutions,
        Frankly, I don’t have a tech company that can launch a massive platform to compete with YouTube and Google, but since you have such a wild hare up your ass about it, perhaps you can come out of anonymity when you launch your game changing platform.

        In the meantime, and as insignificant as it may seem to you, I am trying to provide options for artists, who like myself, can’t singlehandedly knock down a giant the size of YouTube, but are more concerned about what they an do for themselves to change the things that they have sole control over.

        FYI, not my conference.

        • Anonymous

          “when you launch your game changing platform”

          I don’t have anything to do with that platform. Unlike you, I’m not here to promote myself or make money.

          It may be hard to accept for a guy who’s here to sell books, but I’m here to promote ideas and strategies that may be helpful to other artists.

          • GGG

            Anonymous’s Grand Ideas:

            1) Make everyone buy music again

            Just like that. It’s so simple!

      • Anonymous


        You lame indie musos have your head shoved so far up your own asses it isn’t even funny!

        It’s not even a worthwhile sideshow to watch, yall are like roadkill baking on the side of a dessert highway, brutal.

      • hippydog

        In my opinion, taking potshots using “anonymous” is a lot worse then mike mentioning his book..

        dont be a tunehunter..

  4. Dan

    “has established itself as the most important global platform for the independent entertainment community that exists today.” According to who? I’m a Brit and I’ve never heard of this?

    Last count there was one of these things every month globally some with speakers I’d actually want to hear (Ted Cohen apart)

  5. danwriter

    Want to make money in the music business? Start a music-business conference. Seriously, this is a press release and a piss-poor one, at that. Thank God the Internet doesn’t kill trees.
    Paul: Publish twice a week; use the extra time to better research, write and curate. Then you won’t have to use hacks.

  6. Ben

    “This year’s IES Honorees include; Miles Davis, Little Richard, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, Nirvana, Metallica, Motorhead, Iggy & The Stooges, Green Day”

    Miles Davis – early release on an indie then signed to a major label
    Little Richard – mixture of releases on Indies and Major labels
    Rick Rubin – sold his Indie to a Major
    Russell Simmons – sold his Indie to a major
    Nirvana – early release on an indie then signed to a major label
    Metallica – early release on an indie then signed to a major label
    Motorhead – early release on an indie then signed to a major label
    Iggy & The Stooges – signed to a major label apart from last album on an indie
    Green Day – early release on an indie then signed to a major label

    Wow – really rewarding the Indie Music scene with that lot aren’t you?

    • Mike Repel

      So, what I am seeing here been is that you have just substantiated that this is a list of independent artists who achieved major market success.

      Thank you for showing these other readers that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that its not a flickering fluorescent light that hangs over a 6 inch high linoleum covered stage, with chewing tobacco stuck in the microphone grill.

      • Anonymous

        “Thank you for showing these other readers that there is a light at the end of the tunnel”

        So the goal is to sign with UMG & YouTube? That’s what you’re telling the indies?

        You better take care at that conference, my friend. 🙂

        • Ben

          “So, what I am seeing here been is that you have just substantiated that this is a list of independent artists who achieved major market success.”

          What? you mean they jumped ship from an Indie a soon as possible to sign with a major and you think that deserves recognition? Jesus wept man…

  7. Rock N' Roll Buddha

    Having attended last year’s conference, I can tell you that while Jay is a nice guy – this is hardly “the most important global platform for the independent entertainment community that exists today.” No offense Mike – but that kind of hyperbole is why people are pushing back.

    This conference
    has a tendency to be unorganized during the day, and the night-time showcases outside of the Awards presentations are not well attended. Which is why I’m not going back this year.

    You’ll get more out of Musexpo, The Billboard Film & TV Conference, and if you’re on the East Coast – New Music Seminar.

  8. unimpressed

    This Conference is not credible. The ads for the Summit look like ads for music gear or such, they do little to promote the Indie bands actually playing and focus more on the awards and recognizing the established artists, no one actually goes to the showcases cause the only things getting promoted are the founder Jay who puts himself on numerous panels, sends out press releases announcing himself as a speaker instead of the credible speakers that are actually coming to support and educate the indie artists coming. You have Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis speaking and instead of announcing them as speakers, he announces himself along with other bottom feeder speakers , that either work with him or are sponsoring. The name Indie Entertainment Summit is a horrible chosen name, its amateur. I have been asked to speak and actually attended one year, it wasn’t well attended as they do nothing in the way of print advertising or even online, although this is a great place to advertise and yes thats what this article is about, it’s not geared towards the real audience, the actual musicians. it’s horribly disorganized. It’s Aug 4th and they just put up a schedule for a conference that starts Aug 6th? It’s about self promotion. This guy Jay has to feed his ego and drum up business for whatever it is he does to make money and puts on a conference to do that, by promoting himself, his coworkers and his company, and the biggest names he can instead of promoting what he claims his conference is for, the indie musician.

  9. Versus

    Never heard of this before. How does it compare to A2IM Indie Week in NYC?

    • Anonymous

      A2IM Indie Week is only open to members of A2IM which by nature (a) limits who can come to only those who are running music businesses that are successful enough to join a trade organization and pay its dues and (b) because of the focused group of attendees allows for more time spent on business meetings/introductions than on panels and advertised “big names” who speak and then jet.

  10. unimpressed

    The best conferences out there globally that actually focus on the artists and not themselves are

    Dewey Beach Music Festival
    Folk Alliance
    San Diego Music Thing
    New Music Seminar
    Breakout West in Canada
    Canadian Music Week
    The Great Escape
    Big Sound

  11. Veteran - US MUSIC INDUSTRY 1970-today

    to unimpressed I will also add the Durango Songwriter Expo held both in Santa Barbara annually and in Denver, Colorado every October. Additionally there are smaller ones in many metro areas, including some excellent ones in the Denver/Front Range area of Colorado. Local independent / DIY artists are often better served by building a business base regionally, then expanding to larger nationally oriented events IMO. THINK GLOBALLY – ACT LOCALLY. 99.9% of those I serve are and will always be local.

    An old adage goes, “some will, some won’t, so what, NEXT!” That applies to those who do and those who don’t – who we often see as the ones complaining the most.

  12. Juicy Jones

    I think it’s the title of this article that is misleading. Sure, you want to hype up what you’re pitching, but for a conference that has no history or proven track record, it’s a little over-the-top to slap a title on it that labels it the “mother of all indie conferences.” Personally, I think it’s a cash grab by the organizers and is destined to be incredibly thin, as far as actual benefit to artists.

  13. Veteran - US MUSIC INDUSTRY 1970-today

    I think it’s a cash grab by the organizers and is destined to be incredibly thin, as far as actual benefit to artists.

    Every product and service has a price to value ratio. You only reap the benefit, and therefore the value, if you use that product or service to improve upon your existing behavior relative to any given activity. If the value can be shown to produce even a 10% value to price relationship, you have to ask “would I spend $1000 to earn an additional $100 or more in added value?” Most would say no. Most want a “jackpot” value – a buying psychology also known as a “lottery mentality.” Your response indicates a level of low-expectation.

    If you are unwilling to accept the advise of those among whom money changes hands, who are there to provide some level of insight into how some of that money can flow through your hands, then from whom do you take your advise?

    If you’re unwilling to accept advise from professionals, do you think that people are just born with the knowledge and ability to become successful without any other form of education?

    I don’t get it. Please enlighten this oldster.

    • Willis

      You assume that the advice is valuable, and not the same old circular speak that happens at these conferences.

      • Veteran - US MUSIC INDUSTRY 1970-today

        Advice is only as valuable as that which you use. The secret to success is duplication. 😉 j/s

  14. Mike Repel

    The conference is in its 3rd year.

    As I have stated, there is always something positive that I take from these things.
    Over a five day period, the momentum kept moving forward, while many industry professionals, celebrities and emerging musicians continued to show up.

    The conference itself is not confined to one genre, which allows for a wide range of information to be brought across to the audience, some of which may have been missed out on if there weren’t differing viewpoints.

    Tech companies that offered new platforms for artists made themselves available for information and product demonstrations.

    Artist showcases were scheduled each night, bringing attendees to NoHo and to Universal City walk,

    It was a great opportunity to network and many connections were made, not only by myself, but by many other people who stated that they experienced a lot of growth as well.

    I will most likely attend this conference again next year.

    Perhaps some of you should consider attending, because its beginning to seem that some of you are in dire need of human interaction and could use some attention anyway.