See How Buck 65 Uses Facebook to Reach Millions of People…

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Facebook has become a hot button issue for every artist that isn’t an A-List celebrity. You’ve worked hard to build your fanbase, but you have to pay to reach all of your fans. Facebook recently released a Facebook Mentions app to make it easier for page admins to reach fans. Unfortunately, this app is only available if you’re a high level influencer with a verified profile.

So, is Facebook a lost cause for the rest of us? No! Artists are using the platform in interesting ways, keeping fans engaged and building their existing fanbase.

Here’s how one artist uses Facebook to attract tens of thousands of new fans and reach millions of people…

Canadian rapper Buck 65 (aka Richard Terfry) regularly uses Facebook to interact with his fan base, and has seen positive feedback. Terfry posts an update on his page every single day. He shares stories, playlists, photos, and more. His Facebook page reads more like a diary than a promo tool.

These daily updates started just over a year ago. Terfry has a novel coming out next year, and had just sent a draft to his editor. He couldn’t move ahead on his novel, but wanted to keep up with his writing. He decided that Facebook would be a good outlet for written work, but didn’t know what type of reaction he would get.

Before this, the Buck 65 Facebook page was updated by management. It was used to inform existing fans of tour dates, merch, etc. Basically, it was pretty boring unless you were a big Buck 65 fan.

Terfry says he had about 17,000 Facebook fans before he started his daily Facebook ritual.  By April of this year, the Buck 65 Facebook page hit 40,000 likes. As of August 4th, 2014, the page has 51,669 likes. This is good news for Terfry, as the next Buck 65 album will be released on September 30th.

Terfry’s most popular Facebook post is a story about watching two people falling in love on an airplane. In one month this story went viral, organically reached 4.5 million people. The post has 65,566 likes and 7,105 shares.

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The Buck 65 Facebook page has become a community, and Terfry encourages conversation by replying to comments. He also uses this interaction to get a better idea of what his fans are interested in. He says this information has changed how he approaches other aspects of his career, including songwriting and live shows.

These stories attracted new fans that weren’t initially aware of Buck 65’s musical career. He’s also seen new interest in old songs that he’s told stories about on Facebook. Fans are now requesting these older songs at his concerts. Terfry says he’s thinking about adding storytelling elements to his live show, as it has become a huge part of the Buck 65 – fan relationship.

For those of you who are now thinking of using social media to become more engaged and open with fans, be aware that not all feedback will be positive. Nasty comments and the internet go hand in hand, and Terfry has seen his share. He says even the most positive stories can attract negativity, but that positive feedback has far outweighed the negative.

So what’s the point of this article? What can you learn from Buck 65’s Facebook success?

The lesson here is to find out what sets you / your band / your brand apart and use it to build connections with fans.

Phuture Doom uses Bitorrent to release augmented reality games, reaching millions of people. iamamiwhoami uses YouTube to build a community around her audiovisual albums. These aren’t musicians looking for a quick promo opportunity, these artists are taking control of the way people experience their work.

If you’re a terrible writer, don’t write stories on Facebook. Figure out what your strengths are and which platform will highlight these strengths.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

Photos by Rob Campbell

32 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Figure out what your strengths are and which platform will highlight these strengths”

    So your strength isn’t limited to reprinting torrentfreak articles, after all. You can actually extract the essence of a story and put it on a formula. A useful one, too.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Good try. But you should really check out the book, “Slashing With a Smile! How to Master the Back-Handed Compliment In 30 Days or Less”

      • Anonymous

        “Good try”

        …yet, no cigar? You break my heart.

        So how about: It’s a beautiful line, it’s generous and inspiring; it keeps ringing in my ears and it could change your life?

        • Anonymous

          …nah, you’ll just think I’m complaining about tinnitus.

      • Carl Rachel

        Paul, I’ve got to wonder why you are so enamored with slamming. As a professional writer-editor and songwriter, I encounter internet commentary on a continuous, daily basis. We all know, embrace, and sometimes regret the vagary invited by anonymity, yet, we should celebrate the freedom of such a communal forum for exchange.

        I find it hard to celebrate snipe and snark, but I do enjoy it for its entertainment quotient. While sculpting a creative come-back is certainly an art form, so is complimenting a post by offering additional considerations.

        Perhaps you are watching too many reruns of stale sitcoms in their glory days, when the laugh track was synced with each hurled barb and snarky rejoinder. Hopefully, you will realize that the last laugh is always on you.

  2. illtalbeats

    I glanced at his page, and he def is winning the “engagement” battle with his FB users. However, my question is – are all these likes/comments translating to increased sales/downloads? merch sales? increased attendance at his shows?

    Are his users looking at him like an artist who happens to do a blog? Or a blogger, who happens to be an artist?

    • Anonymous

      Buddy, Richard has been at it for a long time, he’s all gray hair now, he’s tenured.

      He is very much an artist, 20+ years as an artist offsets the few months he’s been blogging.


      Social media could very well be the death knoll for the music artist. It certainly isn’t this stairway to heaven, this beautifully designed and constructed bridge built for the sole purpose of getting them closer to their fans. It’s more like some transportation pod you get into own by some corp who have cameras everwywhere that study and analyze every interaction with whoever gets in that pod with you, so they can utilize it to make money somewhere somehow. It’s hilarious, oh you glorious arteests, here is a free tool to strip the middle man away and leave you in great control of your career! Boom, every dreaming arteest falls for the trap, for the dangled carrot everytime, and now has thrown out the old middle man, which is still there in all their glory, and replaced it with the new middle man, one that is even more sticky with any data and information and one that costs significantly more.

      Those are the cool guys, they are like the old time Kings and Queens, waving their hanker-chief for the local jester to come try and make them laugh, if after a few seconds they haven’t done so, off with their heads!!! A few hours of entertainment and maybe the King will throw a couple crumbs the Jesters way.

      I mean, sure, tweener’s are all over social media so it makes it look tip top hot hot, and you get the odd soccer mom who still watches much music and then all the artist circles are all over facebook et all as our lord and savior, but mostly its just total lame-sauce all over the place. Not to mention someone else owns all that data and all those stats and the gathering place could be shut down, tweaked, manipulated or changed at any time, as we have seen, that leaves all that hard work for naught.

      Hey im so cool, im such a bad ass artist, like me here and follow me there to keep up on how bad and cool I am, never mind facebook owns the data and stats and kellogs and sunlight and coke are using all those stats and data to better sell and market to you, and liking my page has given them access to all your data and what you like and what your friends like so they can find the best way to get you to buy whatever junk they are peddling today, but hey, im cool! May as well fucking be standing out on the street with one of those boards advertising for the local pizza parlor.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that, we all have to do what we all have to do. I’m not happy or proud with how i’m putting a meal on the table right now, and as a former golf pro, sponsorship and things like that are not anything I am against. It’s just so funny when some artist posts something that is supposed to be taken as them dripping in cool, when in reality they may as well be in the grocery store aisle pimping the latest product from whatever company needs to ship more units to whatever person walks by.

      Music artists are used car salesmen at best now, and the best part, they giving the cars away for free!

      There’s no more mystery, there’s no more excitement, there’s no more secrecy or anything, music artists have grabbed their ankles and spread them as far apart as possible and then put up a neon sign blinking to advertise and screamed free free free at the top of their lungs hoping they’d generate a line up out the door and around the block, but since everyone did it at the same time, it’s mostly crickets for everyone, and now they have all shown us that hardly anyone is really lining up to take a swing. Now that’s all good if they are sexy girls, ill grab the louisville slugger and see if i can hit one out the park, but otherwise you can look up at the board and see the stock value plummeting, day after day, regardless how much the industry and blogs like this try and paint otherwise.

      These arteest’s now have to offer one on one meet and greets to even think about funding albums and tours, snapping pics of them sitting on the can taking a dump so we can all jump for joy at feeling like we are part of their life, all while we slave away swinging pick hammers or whatever we have to do to pay the bills and put food on the table, awesome! And the best part, thats all these blogs best information on ways to be successful. Oh well.

      I’m not being entertained! It’s all successful rich people making fun of me rubbing their success and money in my face or else struggling arteests far too desperate for any bit of attention they can get screaming at the top of their lungs for any like or follow they can get. Where’s the people focusing on making great music, on doing cool videos, on putting on great performances, hardly see it anymore. Where’s Russel Crowe when you need him!

      Could just be I’m too close to the business and the life cycle of creation to get excited anymore, but i don’t feel that takes away from the reality of what we are seeing out there.

      It really has lost any cool it ever had.

      It’s such a shame, the technology should be allowing for a content revolution of greatness, allowing us to make great things and share them with the world, instead its mostly garbage being pummeled everywhere as everyone scrambles and flails in hopes of gaining some traction towards being a music star or whatever. Over saturated and shit, everywhere, yet constantly everyone still clings onto this garbage like its Jesus himself. Terrible shame.

      Novels and full albums used to be the thing, people used to create great content to get and keep fans, now it’s 140 character nothingness that is all that anyone has the time or desire to get into, either way. It’s all backwards. How else can someone like sean mendes now be on the verge of superstardom, Canadas next God almighty ready for the red carpet soon to have millions and mansions, the newest tween sensation making every 12 year old girl wet in the panties, tugging on Mommies pant leg for a poster and a lunch pale with his face on it and all his music and over priced concert tickets. All that because he he posted 10 second snippets of music that wasnt even made by him? What a waste of human talent. One of the real shows to watch right now is the big show like that just duping and fucking people over left right and center. It’s entertaining to see the cattle just groping and screaming for that kind of shit, still to this day that stuff works. It’s incredible.

      Like I give a fuck about what any of these artists are doing or how they are living or anything, give me the original music crafted by professionals, and fuck off. I dont want to like a page or follow a twitter account. I want one thing in my life to not feel like im being raped and pillaged by corporations and institutions wanting every last piece of data and info on me to better market and sell to me or else for their over paid team of profilers who are not getting results or putting forth accurate profilings.

      All that being said, let’s see some articles on how a new artist is supposed to flourish, not some gray haired guy who’s been doing this for 20+ years and already has a strong loyal fan base he can tap into.

      Some of us are out there making amazing music and may as well not even exist and social media so far has been a big bust and the old industry wheel live scene has been more then disappointing. There ain’t any good solid information on plausible ways that will result in anything tangible that can be used towards furthering a career that doesn’t toss the baby out with the bath water and isn’t focused on social media and blogging.

      It’s just such a shame. The human has lowered itself to actually believing these clunky and junky bits of software are somehow better then us, are brilliant and smart, so we kneel to their amazingness and conform to whatever rules and restrictions they set forth for us. They are terrible, they demean us and they remove any ability for the creative person to really display and show that creativity.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I will add that, as far as knowing the intimate details of their life, as far as the girls go, I do like to know who is single and who isn’t, as I don’t want to flirt too much with a taken girl, and it’s nice to get an idea of what they are looking for etc. But obviously not cause I have their poster on my wall, rather to maybe hold their hand as we walk on the beach, or even if they just want to have a lil fun or whatever.


          • Anonymous

            I’m a guy, I like girls.

            Just like Bill Clinton sticks his head out of the Oval Office and calls the nearest girl over. I stick my head out the studio or office door and see if any music gals be hanging out in the hall.

            Or else I hit the wild plains and try and find some prey to devour, thing is most music gals are herded into the same area and because I’m a music guy, I tend to roam the same parts.

            I get the conflict of interest thing and all that, but that can be balanced by at least having a lot in common and a lot to talk about and at least I know a lot of them are dealing with a lot of the same crap I am so there is that, where perhaps the local girl bagging my groceries may not have any clue of this kind of life, not that there is anything wrong with that.

            So twitter and facebook, while not my favorite things, has given me some insight into some of these girls lives, what they think and feel and want, in a more real time real life sense, which helps me to see if they are my type or if we have any compatibility. It’s like the best dating site around! You get to know more about them then their POF profile will tell you.

            So while we all use it for business purposes, if you don’t think a lot of us be using it to find someone at the same time, then you be trippin!

            Thing is Humans have gotten lazy and girls especially!!! Look at some of the birds of the tropics. They clean their little stage, they pluck their feathers and groom themselves down and then they start their mating call, putting on a wild display of song and dance, CALLING the girl birds to come around, and the female birds come around. The girl birds don’t always choose that male bird, but at least those birds fly to the males and perch themselves on a branch to watch the show, waiting to decide if that’s the bull moose they will get mounted by. In the humans case, at that stage, I guess it’s more like movie and a dinner if you are unimaginative, but never the less, same sort of thing.

            Human females want the song and dance, and then they want all this other stuff too AND then we have to go track them down as well, what the hell, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

            I guess I’m going to have to go cave man on these bitches, go out and club them over the head with my big club and drag them back to my cave.


          • GGG

            You’re aware Clinton is not currently the president, correct?

          • Anonymous

            Dammit, stuck, stuck his head out the oval office.

            Yall need an edit function, my editor is currently taking a nap and couldn’t read over my post and now the incorrect 1’s and 0’s are embedded for the rest of eternity, i have failed, i am a no good beatnik hack who can’t even put together a string of intelligible words, i am useless, put me out to pasture to never write another thing again, what a shame, a disaster to the creative arts, burn me at the stake, ship me off the the Island of Alba, whatever you do, do not let me write any more words, what a sad and humiliating defeat, so lazy and poor at my job that I couldn’t even realize I used the wrong wording.

            I give up, I am throwing in the towel, I cannot come back from such a devastating loss.


            Thanks for pointing that out. Want to edit a novel I am currently working on? When it’s finished anyways, don’t want to make any errors or typos, it’s such a shame when I read a book like Who Owns the Future and find a typo on a page, I figure that one tiny typo is enough for everyone to just toss it aside as worthless and meaningless. I immediately took it out back and burned it’s very pages, as one typo pretty much nullifies any of the information as invalid and useless. Not that what I am writing is anything like Who Owns the Future, mines more mainstream fantasy fiction stuff, but not unreal really, but totally unreal, if you know what i mean.

            Thanks again.


  3. GGG

    Sorry, this is DMN. You’re not allowed to make money/build a career doing things differently or embracing modern tech; innovation/unique approaches means you’re a pirate. Status quo or bust!

      • GGG

        Nothing’s eating me. I’m just surprise we haven’t gotten the chorus of

        “SO I have to spend all my time talking to fans when I could be writing music!?!?! rabble rabble rabble!!!”

        • Anonymous

          Sometimes I’m not sure if you can tell the difference between love and prostitution.

          This story is about the former — on all levels.

          It’s not about 10 ways to forget your dreams or 50 ways to screw your fans or 100 ways to spam the blogs with product placement camouflaged as content.

          • GGG

            Sometimes I’m not sure if you can tell the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground.

            You’re one of those people who claim they’re always busy and have no time, despite I’m sure half the day spent dicking around. If you want to be a career musician, treat it as one. That includes doing some bullshit, just like any other job. If there was a job that involved picking money off a tree, people would still find something to dislike about it. Nobody writes 24/7. Need a break? Go post something online; it takes 5 seconds. Oh no, your fans want to talk to you!?!?! HOW ABSURD!! You are clearly a god amongst men and these people should be happy you are blessing them with your work, right?

            I don’t understand the mindset of so many on this site that engaging your FANS, the people who buy your fucking music/tickets/merch is somehow a hassle. It’s ridiculous. You know why giant corporations spend billions on marketing research? Because it works. Talking to your fans even 30 mins a day should not be some horrible thing your “prostituted” to doing. Without them you’d have no career.

          • Nina Ulloa

            I’m also surprised GGG…

            I really don’t see how this is so different from artists who take the time to email / reach out to good blogs that they’re interested in.

          • Anonymous

            Then you didn’t understand your own excellent advice: Figure out what your strengths are and which platform will highlight these strengths.

            That’s what Buck 65 did.

            He’s not only a rapper, but also a novelist. So what did he do? He used a word based platform to highlight his strength by giving his fans genuine content.

            That’s not prostitution, not a disguised commercial, not a pseudo article built around a trojan horse.

            It’s real value, real love — and his fans can tell.

          • GGG

            A “strength” of being a known artist is simply that you’re on this pedestal and people like what you make. You don’t have to be a professional novelist for people to want to read your shit. If that was the case, Facebook would have folded years ago, and Twitter/Instagram would have 0 users. You think all the pop stars whose asses you kiss write good stuff online? I’ve seen some, 99% is the dumbest shit you’ll ever read. But they do it, and fans eat it up. It’s why they can have careers and make millions every year without actually selling much music.

          • Anonymous

            “You don’t have to be a professional novelist for people to want to read your shit”

            Of course not (though it probably helps). But stars who really get through to their fans on an emotional level are often good writers. Über diva Katy Perry is an exellent example. I can’t help laughing when I see her tweets. They’re sweet and silly and sincere, and they reach out to touch you in an innocent way that people like.

            I’m just saying that fans can tell honesty from bs.

          • Anonymous

            Ooooh I’m just eagerly waiting for the next kitty purry picture, such depth, such charisma, so lucky to be graced with such amazing realness whooeee how can I toss all my money and time her way?

            Of course please do let me know when her next video comes out, oftentimes filled with large breasted California beuties, might be able to get some other girls twitters to creep on and see how they be living or advertise They Living.

            Sadly I don’t have a mazaratti, so I can’t really relate to anything she has to say, totally different social class, so since she isn’t single, ill take my Twitter watching elsewhere.

          • GGG

            Yes, and I’m sure those tweets take her about 5 seconds to think up and put out in the world. Hardly some terrible time-waster.

          • Anonymous

            All good, I like Katy Perry, but she is basically my enemy and in a total different class and circle of people.

            Never the less, she isn’t single, is dating my arch nemesis, my less talented less attractive brother or cousin or whatever. We have the same last name and he swoons girls with his massive antlers like mine, so we have no choice but to parry back and forth. Luckily for me he is currently busy with his lady goat, thank god for that, hes tough competition especially due to his bank account and public level of fame, plus it seems his customers have really good things to say about him to other possible customers, meaning he really seems to please those lady goats so they always be hoofing around his part of the cliff.

            Tough out there these days.

            Again she isn’t single so I don’t really need to check her tweets out or tweet her back, I mean, even Kitty Purry has more money and fans then I do, maybe she is trying to find Kitty Purry some male antlered cat, who knows.

            That being said, she can always expect me to take some jabs at her, being enemies and such. I know she said not to make her her enemy, but I interpreted that as please make me my enemy, so no problemo anyways, unless she is speaking for her label or the city of LA or whatever, don’t really want to make them my enemy, although I could I guess, who knows, they just have some real fine pastures filled with some of the sexiest lady goats around, anyways………


            Damn. It seems Johnny boy is back in the mix throwing his antlers around again, my head is sore I don’t want to fight for supreme alpha male dominance anymore. I don’t like cheaters so we will be corralling him to different grazing areas. ‘)

            Never the less looks like Katy may be single again, therefore it is my duty to check out her tweets, although she has been with some guys who really move through their prey, but that’s all good, gives me reason to believe shes a real thoroughbred

            haha :).

            Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Kyle Williams

    I’d have to see his page insights before I would believe he reaches a substantial amount of fans organically.

    Plus if artists are not, or don’t learn, to be decent storytellers then they won’t do well with social media, blogs, or email marketing. It’s all storytelling.

    • Anonymous

      “Plus if artists are not, or don’t learn, to be decent storytellers then they won’t do well with social media, blogs, or email marketing. It’s all storytelling

      Man, best comment I’ve seen in a looong time!