New SiriusXM Channel Will Play Pitbull Nonstop…

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It seems like SiriusXM is doing something right. The service currently has 26.3 million paying subscribers, and recently reported $1.04 billion in revenue.

Now, SiriusXM is giving a Latin artist their own channel for the first time.

Cuban-American artist Pitbull is getting his own channel, which will launch at the beginning of 2015. It will feature music “from his early days in Miami through his meteoric rise to international fame and his current hits” and the music of his peers. The channel will also feature a weekly show hosted by the artist.

If you were dying to hear a radio station that played Pitbull over and over, this is for you…


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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    It’s what any Pandora station playing a pop artist devolves into anyway.

  2. digital bullshit clickbait

    DMN is done. This site used to have interesting music business news, now it continually features lying clickbait headlines and misleading articles. This new S/XM station is not 24 hour Pitbull. Why are you knowingly lying and spreading false information? This is a station that will feature Pitbull and Latin Pop music, it will be in Spanish and English. There are 14 million young Latin American kids in the United States, maybe it’s good business and maybe you should let your readers know that do they can see the opportunity.
    I’m canceling my email subscription. Not because of this post but because this is probably the 7th one I’ve seen like this recently.

    • Nina Ulloa

      They are going to play Pitbull nonstop. I didn’t say they were going to play Pitbull every second all day, but they’re going to play him over and over.

      “It will feature music “from his early days in Miami through his meteoric rise to international fame and his current hits”.

      I know how many Latins there are in the U.S. I am one of of them. The only reason I even covered this is because of the sentence I listed in huge bold letters… But Pitbull’s music is pretty terrible and does not represent me.

  3. Willis

    Sounds like the all the world’s ills are soon to be healed.

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    I look at Pitbull a with a strange fascination sometimes, because he disagrees with a lot of the ‘truisms’ that this industry puts forth as ingredients for success.

    “Be genuine with your audience!” they say … but Pitbull is almost a polished mannequin when it comes to letting fans in. An interview with “Mr. 305” is more like a game of ‘pick your empty calorie soundbite’… he’s a natural on I Heart Radio and E! Online interviews and features.

    But is anyone home behind that facade?

    I’m not judging that, there’s no reason to really. Pitbull’s doing his thing and it’s working really well. But I know nothing about the real person and have no real human connection with him. He just makes catchy songs that work at a party. If I were his friend — a real friend that he trusted and hung out with in private — I suspect I’d know a completely different person that is far removed from this act. But I have absolutely no idea who that is, by design.

    So I guess that’s what works for Pitbull. But when I take a look at someone like Jay-Z — and his interview with Howard Stern typified this for me — I see a guy that is in a different stratosphere than me but that seems very real. Down to earth even. Talking about his situation growing up, not the most polished and confident person I imagined, sort of… real! Just like his music.

    With Pitbull, I can dance and feel upbeat. I won’t say this about every song, but with Jay-Z, I feel like there’s someone home. Guess which artist I like more, who I’ll still be thinking about in 10 years.

  5. MAYER

    i gotta body that could sustain that. Get at me Sirius! 😉

  6. LaVerdad

    Pitbull is not a “Latin” artist, he is an artist who just happens to be Latino. This is mainstream mush pure and simple. Same as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Adriana Grande, Cristina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and all the other full and part Latinos working and living in those genres. Some people love it – some people do not. I am of the latter persuasion.

    SiriiusXM’s Latino programming is horrible. Each of the Latino genres they profess to program are done unprofessional at best. That is why Latinos do not listen to SiriusXM. Clear and simple. Give me Howard doing an interview or Willie’s Roadhouse and my subscription keeps on getting renewed !