Who Lied About Morrissey Being Dropped from His Label?

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Last week, Morrissey fan site True to You posted a statement saying Harvest Records had dropped Morrissey. The statement blamed Harvest and Capitol Music Group Chairman Steve Barnett.

Morrissey often uses True to You as an official site, using it to release official statement. Days before the label-dropping statement, Morrissey posted a statement criticizing the label for not funding a music video.

Now, it looks like Morrissey was never dropped from Harvest/Capitol. A “source close to the situation” tells Billboard that Morrissey’s contract still stands, and that he owes the label another album.


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    yeah i wish someone would give me money for a video too bro, my artistic career will end with zero public videos and 3 public shows, at least the last one was an arena… bossin!


  2. Mr. Confused

    The bigger story is why anyone would listen to his vomit. Terrible, awful performance art.

    • Hello Prisoner

      Are you currently being held hostage at a secret CIA base, forced to listen to Morrissey albums?

      If yes, explain us how you got access to the internet and why you are using it to post on DMN instead of contacting the press about your captivity.

    • Willis

      I would guess that the millions of Smiths and Morrissey fans would disagree with you.