PUC Review: Wirelessly Connect MIDI Devices to iOS and Mac…

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Music tech company Zivix recently sent me a PUC to test out. The PUC is marketed as a device that wirelessly connects MIDI devices to iOS devices, but it also connects MIDI devices to Macs.

The PUC is powered either by a mini USB cable or two AA batteries (batteries included). It comes with a MIDI port and a cable so you can plug your MIDI device directly into the PUC. When powered up, the PUC creates a WiFi signal. Connect your device to that WiFi signal and you’re practically set.

I tested the PUC with an iPad 3 and a Macbook running OS X 10.6 and it worked flawlessly. For a full list of tech requirements, click here.

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First, I used the PUC to turn my Casio keyboard into a MIDI controller for my iPad. I installed the PUC Connect app on my iPad and then connected to the PUC’s WiFi signal. The app walked me through the entire process and updated the device’s firmware.

I tested the setup with Arturia’s iMini iPad app. It was exciting to finally have an easy way to control music apps on my iPad via keyboard.

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Next, I used the setup to control software instruments in Ableton 9. This required a simple setup in OS X’s Audio MIDI Setup utility. This PDF contains easy-to-follow instructions.

A PUC will set you back $129.99, which I think is extremely reasonable. The product does exactly what it says it will do and is easy to use. I tried it with a keyboard, but it will also work with DJ mixers, drum machines, drum pads, or any other instrument that has a MIDI port.

One of the only downsides is having to disconnect from the PUC’s WiFi signal if you need to look something up online. This wasn’t a big deal though, most people aren’t surfing the web when working on music.


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3 Responses

  1. mardus

    Well it’s STILL NOT doing what it says on the tin. e.g. NO MIDI OUT from iOS/iPad/iPhone.
    Just midi in and it sucks. I has been a year!

  2. 3dog

    Midi piano in the background can not be disabled and conflicts with instruments in apps. Wireless connection is dropped constantly and you have to go through the entire set up to reconnect. No usable until this is fixed.

  3. blehblehbleh

    This thing… has been so confusing for me. I got one just the other day… and I was like… wow well this will be a great way for me to start working on my music and everything. Wrong! Can’t even get it set up right. Went through all the steps and I still don’t know how to get the macbook to record what I’m actually playing on the piano through garageband!!!!! I’m so lost it’s not even funny… I really hope that maybe if I keep fiddlefarting with it, it will eventually work… Because that was a lot of money to pay for something that they didn’t even give me decent instructions on how to use it…