Michelle Phan Starts Her Own Record Label…

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Makeup vlogger Michelle Phan has officially entered the music business. She has partnered with Cutting Edge Group, a music investment and music services company, to create Shift Music Group.

Shift Music Group will finance musical projects chosen by Phan, and will leverage her massive social media following.

Phan says:

“I am passionate about finding undiscovered and talented artists… I want to help those artists get to the next level, and provide existing artists with a new way to reach fans.”

There is no set number of projects that will be signed, and Shift might work on a song-by-song basis.

This news comes in the middle of a legal battle between Phan and Ultra Records. Ultra says Phan used their music in videos without permission, Phan says Ultra gave her permission and is abusing copyright law.


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15 Responses

    • GGG

      I’d say this comment is funny except for that fact that you are probably a real person. An incredibly stupid, real person.

    • There is+something...

      She better not go to Asia because with that kind of makeup, she would be mistaken with some cheap hooker…

  1. Paul Resnikoff

    This launch, especially against a backdrop of a lawsuit by Ultra Records, just speaks volumes.

      • GGG

        Not totally opposing your point, but she’s got 7M subscribers. That’s a far larger base than a ton of labels. Not to mention, the cost of her marketing to those 7M people is literally making a video that could be a minute long. She’s the type of outlet labels would pay to get to push their artists, so why not just do it herself?

        • There is something...

          Probably a good deal for Cutting Edge Group. The question is: will she really have a say in what is getting pushed or will it be only a way for CEG to promote their corporate business ?

          • GGG

            Yea, I mean there’s also always the chance people will just be like, “I came here for makeup tutorials not your music bullshit.”

            But simply playing the number’s game, it makes sense to try to monetize her value in different places, whether she’s making the choices or not. Win for her either way, I’m sure.

        • Cmonbro

          How many subscribers does VEVO have? If I were to premiere a video by a no name/new artist tomorrow I might get more eye balls but the needle would not move and inch.

          The revenue they would generate from being a music bed on her make up vids would also be nothing.

          I get the theory. A TV commercial can break an artist certainly. But it has to be some super bowl level shit or close to do so.

          • GGG

            Well yea, everything’s a theory. If you could just break an act with one thing, everyone would be doing it and some company would be worth an infinite amount of money. So it’s always a numbers game.

            I think they are all banking on her followers being more attentive, and “followers” in the somewhat pejorative sense. In other words, a higher percentage of her 7M will be influenced than other outlets that can reach 7M.

  2. Anonymous

    can someone say Perez Hilton vanity label @ WBR? this will fail as well