SoundCloud Is a Financial Sinkhole…

I. SoundCloud Net Losses.

(source: UK Company House filings)

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II. SoundCloud Revenues.

(source: UK Company House filings)

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III. SoundCloud Losses as a Percentage of Revenues.

(source: UK Company House filings)

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IV. SoundCloud’s New Offices

(source: SoundCloud)

Soundcloud Offices, Berlin
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Soundcloud Offices, Berlin
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Soundcloud Offices, Berlin
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15 Responses

  1. GGG

    Any info on the ad share rev yet? Or that just rolled out like a couple weeks ago, right?

    • Chris H

      I have a quick question about a scenario I’m encountering. Is it possible to just claim the writers share of a video? In the data template, I don’t see how to claim a share, unless I’m claiming under administrator’s share?

      I have a writer who has a large catalog associated with Universal (they own the sound recording and a portion of the publishing, but I can’t claim the publishing due to the Universal contract…they administrate my clients publishing portion). I’d like to just claim for him his writer share, since we represent him as a writer as well as his post universal publishing.

      Is that possible?


      • Chris H

        Disregard that. This is the danger of too little coffee and too many screens….

  2. berlin

    “source: UK Company House filings”


    that are just the numbers for the UK, suckers!

    • Bass

      Well, gotta coddle those millenials, or they won’t do those magical things with those little boxes that us old farts have no clue about.

  3. RemiSwierczek

    They should merge with Shazam to accelerate music industry inferno.
    At some point we might see sanity coming from the woodwork!

  4. Claes Olson

    Ooooh…. my! When will people stop mixing up “losses” and “investments”. I’m SO tired of this…….. :o(

    • danwriter

      “This” isn’t a bad idea but it’s got nothing to do with the thread, suggesting the marketing acumen of a squirrel. Should’ve just asked Nina or Ari to write you an ad, uh, I mean, article.

  5. Anonymous

    i think their offices look pretty cool, it gives the look of being a good atmosphere where some good work can get done…

    They dont appear to have a slave driving whip cracking militant piss and shit on people attitude chain someone to a desk in a tiny cubicle and expect the world from them while paying them peanuts type mentality…

    For that reason alone if i had the money id toss it their way to make em look better… They were actually some of the very few who seemed to get it right, too bad that model didn’t work enough for them…

    Was/is the information not worth enough?

    Soundcloud with the Majors is a real bad look and the Majors with Soundcloud is a bad look, i wish they would have gone a different way, but hey, we all know the Majors own music, or so they like to claim and act and bully…

    Once the Majors get in on something like that it becomes their show and their actors and artists are pummeled non stop in our ears and faces and thats what Soundcloud was not about, so it seems a little strange…


  6. scott47

    If Universal and the other majors are so worried about DJ’s and their mixes that include their artists copyrighted material, then why don’t they go after YouTube. I can go on YouTube, download a music video, use RealPlayer to convert it to an MP3, and I have the music! But, I never do this, because I wouldn’t cheat an artist.This makes no sense to go after SoundCloud when you can get the music from YouTube!

    Why don’t they put some code in the waveform that contains copyright code control that’s encrypted that can only be used a certain number of times, and if it can only be copied to a device or burned a few times. It can be done, and I think easily instead of going after SoundCloud.