Jawbone DROPs an Intuitive Social Listening App…

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Jawbone has released a new social music listening app called DROP.  The app was created as a solution for social listening on Jawbone’s Jambox speakers, but you don’t need any specific hardware to use the app.

This is what Jambox has to say about the motivation behind the app:

“We started by looking at opportunities to improve the JAMBOX experience, and found our inspiration from a simple frustration expressed by Jon Witort, one of our engineers. As the JAMBOX owner in his group of friends, he consistently had to play DJ as well. Problem was, he didn’t know what everyone wanted to hear, and didn’t want to spend his whole evening curating a playlist. While other apps provided basic sharing with lots of bells and whistles, they didn’t address the real pain point. So Jon did what great engineers do, and what we are constantly striving to do at Jawbone: he created a solution to the problem.”

I was pretty skeptical, but was impressed by the design so I decided to give it a go.

I discovered that Drop is a beautiful app that DOES solve the “social listening problem”.

Drop requires a paid Spotify or Rdio account to run. Once an account is connected it immediately starts a suggested playlist based on your profile.  Swipe up to skip a track, or swipe down to search or queue suggested songs.Connect the app to Twitter to take suggestions from others. I sent a tweet out from the app and now people are queueing songs to my playlist by tweeting: “@twittername drop *song title* by *artist*”.

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When a user queues a song to your playlist a bubble with their profile picture immediately drops onto your screen. This bubble is a visual representation of the track they queued, and it floats around the screen when you move your device.

A troll queued a Nickelback song to my playlist and I was able to easily remove it by clicking on their user bubble and editing my queue.

Once all the songs in your queue are played, Drop goes right back to automated suggestions.

Drop is fun, intuitive, and really takes advantage of the capabilities of social media. It’s also a perfect hybrid of automated playlists and social recommendation, while still allowing users to have complete control of their listening experience.


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