Republicans and Democrats Agree on Metallica and Taylor Swift

Facebook took a look at every user who liked the Facebook Page of a candidate running for governor, U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Then Facebook looked at other page categories liked by these users, including music, and compared them according to party lines.The results are in the graph below. The size of artists’ names corresponds to total number of page likes.

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23 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Haha, I don’t even know half the names on the right (wrong) side.

    Also, where’s Ted Nugent? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s actually pretty disturbing — but can it really be true? That Republicans don’t like good music?

      And no, it’s not a matter of taste.

    • Willis

      Using this graphic as your gauge is a mistake. Republicans – LL Cool J, Daddy Yankee, 50 Cent, and more.

      • wallow-T

        (note: this is not mapping the political views of the musicians. It is mapping the political view of the fans, through the lens of Facebook “likes.”)

  2. wallow-T

    I cannot remember who said: “Country music is folk music for Republicans.” 🙂

    No wonder the Dixie Chicks’ career imploded after one of them made a rude remark about George W. Bush. The alignment of country artists and Republicans is very solid; only Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson show much crossover to the Democrats in their fans.

    The position of The Beatles on the far left (Democratic) side of the chart surprises me. I thought appreciation of the Fab Four was universal.

    • Bill Gulfo

      Dixie Chicks were hated because because, yeah they suck, but they were in another country talking about their own leader

    • Dave

      The Dixie Chicks career didn’t implode, they only became more famous and like my logical people.

  3. Anonymous

    This says nothing at all about anything…

    The only conclusion to draw from this graph and the information provided is that no conclusion can be made from this graph other then that more information needs to be provided…

    Nothing personal Nina, you do a good job and have my support…

    Justin Mayer

    • Anonymous

      And why is Elvis in all caps?

      Probably cause he’s the only one i know of to shoot the damn thing out, literally!!!!!!


      Justin Mayer

  4. Willis

    This is not accurate. Whoever made this up has obvious bias in their presentation.

  5. Anonymous

    The list of political parties must be transfered to that of inmates in federal establishments so that I can make sense of all this!

  6. Anonymous

    Ted Nugent is on the Republican side. Where’s Led Zeppelin?

  7. Edward

    The fact that John Lennon gets his own catagorty and well as “The Beatles” makes me happy.

  8. Bill

    Not so surprising. The red states are mainly in the south where country music is the dominant art form. Not so in the blue states (both coasts) where pop music predominates.