Disney Wants to Build a New “Authentic” Search Engine…

Disney doesn’t like people infringing on their property, and they intend to do something about it.

TorrentFreak reports that Disney has received a patent for a search engine that identifies and ranks “search results and online advertisements based on authenticity“.

Disney believes search engine results should be heavily based on authenticity instead of popularity, eliminating popular torrent sites from results. This also involves official websites having priority over sites like Wikipedia.Disney’s patent says their server would contain an authenticity index. “The authenticity metric values may indicate the relative authority of the web element with respect to a specific category, keyword, search term, phrase, context, filter, etc.“. Search results and and rankings would be based on the authenticity metric values.

The full patent is available here.


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    • Anonymous

      AND it was published on the very day when Gottfrid Warg (the creep who founded the Pirate Bay) was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail.

      A sad day for Nina & TorrentFreak… 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Also: Pirate Bay creep #3 — Fredrik Neij — is finally arrested in Laos! 🙂

            YES, YES, YES!

            “They’re never gonna get me,” he once said.

            Hahaa, how can all that happen in less than a week.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, he’s arrested in Thailand, not Laos.

            Doesn’t make the news any less awesome, though. 🙂

  1. Anonymous

    “Disney doesn’t like people infringing on their property”

    Newsflash for you, Nina: Nobody likes people infringing on their property.

    And yes, we do need a reliable, legitimate search engine. Google was great back in the day, but today it’s the world’s leading portal to organized crime, and that can’t go on.

    • Tom

      Is there a search engine in existence today that meets your criteria for reliable and legitimate?

      • Anonymous

        Remember kids: Bing is better for the two Ps: Piracy and Porn.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah and everyone will to the search engine that that makes them pay for shit? If anything Baidu is posed to take over more marketshare outside of China since they are the best search engine for giving people what they want: free stuff.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know what you and the Chinese want — but the rest of the world could definitely use a reliable search engine…

          • Anonymous

            You missed out on the last decade of geopolitics, it’s becoming clear that the rest of the world is soon to be under China’s thumb anyway!!

    • Anonymous

      Today it is the world’s leading search engine because Google has generating search results down to a science. If Disney wants to waste money chasing Google like so many companies have before them, by all means they can do it. But Google’s talons are in deep. They have created the #1 mobile operating system. They created the fastest growing and inevitably #1 desktop web browser in the world. They have created a suite of web services used by countless millions of people every day. All of which funnel billions of searches into Google. Microsoft has spent hundreds of millions chasing Google, which little success. It is highly unlikely a non-technical company like Disney will even attempt such a feat. Companies file for patents with no intention of creating a product using the patent all the time.

      Worlds leading portal to organized crime? Maybe. But guess what, their users like the results they are given. You can’t create a service that gives results based on what benefits you as a copyright holder the most and expect the service to be popular.

      • Anonymous

        “their users like the results they are given”

        No, users want reliable results and Google is the most unreliable search engine in the world.

        And not only because most of its ‘results’ are spam, cracks and stolen files:

        I just googled “Taylor Swift” and got 224,000,000 results.

        But when I reached the last result, the 224,000,000 pages turned out to be — wait for it:

        297 actual results… 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Isn’t that false or deceptive advertising?

          How can a company claim to find hundreds of millions of sites — within less than a second — when it only delivers 1/1,000,000 of the promised results?

          • Anonymous

            I just took a look at false advertising — and it can actually hurt corporations a lot.

            Now, Google deliberately lies to you about its products millions of times every day.

            So has anybody ever sued Google for false advertising?

          • Anonymous

            Here’s a rather interesting example:

            In 2001, Hyundai had to pay between $75 million and $125 million because it claimed that one of its cars delivered 9.6 percent more horsepower than it actually had.

            Today, Google claims that its search engine delivers approximately 1,000,000 percent more results that it actually provides.

          • Anonymous

            Here is an idea: Why don’t you sue them? If there is any lawsuits I wouldn’t be surprised if Google initiates it, sues your ass for defamation, and wins.

            At least you’ll be able to complain about Google stealing even more money from artists. This time directly from your bank account! Right?

          • Anonymous

            “I wouldn’t be surprised if Google initiates it, sues your ass for defamation, and wins”

            You wouldn’t?

            Let’s see what happens if I repeat it, then:

            Google deliberately lies to you about its products millions of times every day!

          • Anonymous

            Clearly you have a cut and dry lawsuit on your hands! Put up or shut up.

        • Anonymous

          You seem to think you know what users want. But last time I checked, Google was the #1 search engine in the world and yours wasn’t.

    • Anonymous

      Seems like Disney is the only one that can legally create that kind of search engine now.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to criticize your style.

        I meant to criticize your agenda, sources and opinions in general.

  2. Amyt

    If the new search engine doesn’t give people what they want (free stuff), they will probably not use it. Google has been successful because it gives people what they want

  3. Irving Mindreader

    Ostensibly noble (if highly dubious) claims.

    For all its inherent limitations, Wikipedia does a damn good job of quickly delivering highly relevant information in most cases. Its standardized page format also lends itself to being a quick meaningful resource, both for visitors and for search engines.

    Conversely…verifying, scraping, parsing, indexing, and delivering that same or better quality information from ‘authentic’ sources is at best an improbable goal. Not only are they highly dependent on the ~untenable prospects of delivering equivalent or better results than Google to an audience whose search product expectations are very high and already rigidly formed, Disney would be sourcing from wildly disparate webpages with wildly nonstandard formatting, embedding, layering, and rendering. And that’s naively assuming the ‘authentic’ site even contains the desired information or content to begin with.

    From a technical standpoint, this a nonstarter.

    If Disney has made some credible advancement in natural language processing that would lend itself to search logic, I would sooner expect to see them license to Google (or MS), presumably constituent to lobbying for more stringent content search result calibration.

    Little, if anything, to see here folks. Move along now.

  4. roflamo

    So what you are saying is Google can not legally operate such a search engine that has completely halal results. Because that violate Disney’s patent. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The beautiful thing about Disney is it continues to create content we all enjoy, decade after decade. Your parents love it, you love it, your kids love it.

      Google just steals.

      It can be replaced by another company in a heartbeat and nobody will ever miss it.

      • Anonymous

        The beautiful thing about Disney is it continues to create content we all get brainwashed by, decade after decade. Your parents love it, you love it, your kids love it.

        LOL, yep!

  5. Anonymous

    I look forward to Disney’s search engine to kill all others.

    • Anonymous

      1) Disney makes search engine
      2) SWAT teams raid Google/Yahoo/Bing/Baidu/Ask/DogPile/DuckDuckGo HQs/data centers and shut everything down
      3) Artists profit!

        • Anonymous

          5) War Is Peace
          6) Freedom Is Slavery
          7) Ignorance Is Strength

          • Anonymous

            Let’s see… who contributes more to that old 1984 scenario — Google or Disney? 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Disney actually spies on you?

            Does it have something to do with Mickey Mouse? I mean, his big ears?

          • Anonymous

            Worse. They turn you into a conformist sheeple so they don’t have to spy on you.


          • Anonymous

            “they don’t have to spy on you”

            Unlike Google.

            In other words: Your childish 1984 analogies backfired.

          • Anonymous

            Ever tried tin-foil hats?

            I hear they offer excellent protection against Snow White and Mickey Mouse. 🙂

          • Obie

            Or the modern Silicon Valley equivalent:

            Piracy is speech
            Freeloading is freedom
            Theft is innovation

    • Disney Is Your Friend

      Just listen to the talking man on your telescreen.. err I mean television. He knows what is best for you.

      • Anonymous

        But I thought he was Eric Schmidt?

        You really think he is… Mickey Mouse?

  6. Anonymous

    “For example, a manipulated page for unauthorized sales of drugs, movies, etc. might be able to obtain a high popularity rating, but what the typical user will want to see is a more authentic page”

    Popular stuff is unpopular. Doubleplusgood. This is some 1984 shit. LAMO. Good luck Disney.

  7. Willis

    As opposed to all those non-authentic search engines out there.

  8. SomeDude

    Google is successful because it gives people what they want ( free pirated content ). Now that everyone has become subservient to Google, they’re ready to move to the next step : ” I actually think most people don’t want Google to answer their questions, they want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.” Authentic quote by Eric Schmidt.

  9. illtalbeats

    The search engines would never do this… but would be nice if they had some type of “”verification” process similar to the way twitter verifies celebs, brands etc… these pages would rank higher. So for example, an official band’s website could be verified as a safe/legal site and would appear higher than a site with illegal downloads of the same artist that can’t be verified.

  10. Stever

    Did anyone notice there is only one inventor on the patent? Look him up, the guy doesn’t even really have a background in computer science, big data, machine learning etc. He’s a strategy / product guy. You think this one guy knows something that google doesn’t? Laughable.

  11. Anonymous

    up those fascists fees, lower their sync fees, and dig way beneath the surface, they deserve it through karmic revolution and nothing more…

    • Anonymous

      meaning make sure to charge those pricks just as much as possible all over the place, not up their fees for their shitty watered down concrete and stupid bully and extortion tactics…