YouTube Is About to Get Sued by Irving Azoff…

Last week, Global Music Rights founder Irving Azoff asked nicely.  This week…


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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Just checked — all the stolen Lennon songs are still available.

    This is going to be expensive. 20,000 songs x $150,000.

    A nice start for YouTube Musickey…

  2. Name2

    Great start: “We gave you a list of 20,000 works on Friday. It’s Monday, why aren’t they down?”

    • Marvin Gershowitz

      JUST because I have never had a Record in 40 years
      Doesn’t mean that MY PROFESSION isn’t affected by FREE MUSIC
      — It has made my profession invisible —-
      — It’s made signs like “A Real Musician has a DAY JOB” into a fact —-
      — It’s made every VENUE into the FILMORE EAST/WEST… without customers!
      — Every Band Superstars without a single Paying Gigs.
      — Every Musician a Genius Songwriter without a Copyright.
      EVERYONE is an EXPERT why we LOVE MUSIC for the WRONG REASON….
      …. Like their Jobs and their Families can Live on the Love of Working!
      — Musicians ONCE OWNED the Business & Their Only Mistake was handing the KEYS to a GREEDY Machine that’s sucked EVERY DIME it CAN directly from the ARTIST shrinking supply of REAL…..
      Disney is fantasy and MUSIC… was something they added to make their films real!
      NOT any MORE… It’s as Fake as the Rest of most of the Industrial Music Everywhere.
      Marvin Gershowitz (1953 – 2014 or Longer)

  3. Remi Swierczek

    Thank you Irving!
    You are the first guy with balls in the world of music. Labels, RIAA or IFPI are just traitors and collaborators of music industry suicide.

    Let’s bypass them, get all the mega stars and lobby in new fair use act. Next day Radio and streaming (Pandora and Spotify too) can be converted to $100B discovery based music store.

    New fair use act will criminalize Shazam, Soundhound, Google Music Search and few other music and lyric ID services prostituting music to 2 billion of freeloaders.

    PIMPS of music will become overpaid cashiers of $100B industry.

  4. Willis

    In this country, people are litigious happy…especially in the music industry. I doubt this will move forward much, if it ever gets off the ground. Irving – whatever.

  5. chmch

    Way past time for Google & co. to ante up. Enough with this lame ass fight against music and musicians. Stop using others peoples content to make yourself rich. We all know who the real Man is, so can the freedom of speech smoke screen and pay-up.

  6. Wizzarts

    YouTube, you little parasite, now it’s time for the exterminator…. knock, knock….

  7. anon

    ironically i would bet youtube loses money for google if i had to guess.