T-Mobile Excludes SoundCloud, Google Play, Xbox Music from Monthly Data Limits

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T-Mobile has excluded more music services from customers’ monthly data limits.

This summer, T-Mobile announced that Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes Radio, Samsung Milk, iHeartRadio, and Slacker Radio wouldn’t use up customers’ monthly data. They later added Rdio, AccuRadio, Black Planet, Grooveshark, Radio Paradise, and Songza to the list.

Now, T-Mobile has added Google Play, Xbox Music, SoundCloud, and a variety of specialty music services to their “Music Freedom” program.

The full list of services added to the program today: Google Play Music, Xbox Music, SoundCloud, RadioTunes, Digitally Imported, Fit Radio, Fresca Radio, JAZZ RADIO, Live365, Mad Genius Radio, radioPup, radio.com, ROCKRADIO, and Saavn.

This program has raised neutrality questions: Why does T-Mobile give special privileges to some services? T-Mobile says they’re attempting to add all music services to the program. They also say Music Freedom is “completely free for music streaming providers. No backroom deals. No paid prioritization. Just you and your music − unleashed.

Beats Music is one of the only big-name services missing from the program. Beats is probably going to merge with iTunes Radio in the coming year, and iTunes Radio is already part of the program.


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4 Responses

  1. Justin Mayer / Plum Minnow

    that’s crazy, but smart… Not certain theyll do that once the file size gets to a certain size, however definitely if everyone does the same, it implants cloud streaming for the long haul and the renting over ownership trend will be for certain…

    what i always wondered was, is the renting trend actually consumer driven or corporate driven??? I tend to believe the latter… Personally id rather own a file even if i get no rights other then listening and transferring devices… Anything to not be monitored and tracked and data collected on me without my expressed written consent and especially cause they aint paying me for it either…

    what i want, no, what i need

    i wish someone would get working on free rent, free food, free transportation, free fuel, free clothing, free insurance, free toiletries, free time…

    thats where the big costs of living are, all that other pseudo free junk just doesnt make life any better…

    and stop with the free information, free music, free entertainment..

    a mortgage is a 30+ year debt enslavement, yet one piece of intellectual property for the common man not aligned with a massive corporation is essentially worthless…

    Thats a step in the wrong direction… Those people already own everything, we really need to stop them from claiming and taking ownership of something an ordinary common man can make and own with his own two hands and his brain…

    Justin Mayer